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The startup making business education accessible for 5 billion people

What the company does

For most of the world’s population traditional business education has been out of reach, largely due to cost, but also time and 11 other factors which are barriers to learning. Roadmap MBA is helping people from under-represented and under-privileged backgrounds learn the business and career skills, empowering social mobility and career potential for millions.

The Current Landscape

Business schools have been around for 100 years but can cost $200k admission and require learners to take 1-2 years off work to study. They also have entry requirements, admission boards and GMAT exams, making them only accessible to 1% of the population, (commonly from richer backgrounds).

Online platforms like Udemy and Skillshare exist, which are accessible on price, but with 200,000 options can leave users overwhelmed and not knowing which course they need and these often come with no accreditation or certification.

Lastly there are the category of ‘alternative MBA programmes’ from private sector providers. These are designed to provide a more commercial approach to business education, but many of which still come with a high price tag for their online training and development.

Roadmap MBA are the first company to bring a complete academic business programme together as a single course, providing the complete roadmap to grow your business or career, but allowing users to access the content completely for FREE. With over half the world’s population living off less than $5 per day, Roadmap MBA are looking to support 5 billion people learn, grow and develop.

Company Birth Story

Roadmap MBA Founder Steve Pugh grew up in the blue-collar city of Liverpool (UK), famous for the Beatles. Raised by a single mother, Steve knew first-hand the impact money could have, but also knew the limitations on being able to access things like university education to build a better life which was always out of reach due to cost.

After a successful career as a Management Consultant, Steve founded Roadmap MBA with the belief that it shouldn’t matter where you grow up or what your financial background is on deciding if you can access information to help you build a better life for yourself.

The Solution

Roadmap MBA gives the complete roadmap to grow your business or career, as an alternative to a traditional MBA. They believe that it shouldn’t matter where you grow up or what your financial background is on deciding if you can access information to help you build a better life for yourself. They are on a mission to help people around the world build a better life for themselves, creating an accessible platform for all communities to thrive and celebrate together. Since launch Roadmap MBA has users in 53 countries.

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