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The Startup Company That’s Disrupting The Online Shopping Experience

What is Behamics?

Behamics is a startup company that helps eCommerce stores prevent cart abandonment and product returns without using coupons or sending reminding emails.

The Current Landscape

In today’s eCommerce, shopping cart abandonment is a huge concern. According to a study by Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate currently sits at 69.8%. That means that 7 out of 10 shoppers will not complete their transactions.

It’s reported that eCommerce stores lose 18 billion in sales revenue each year because of cart abandonment according to Forrester research. There are a lot of reasons why cart abandonment occurs but not many methods how to stop it are known.

There are different companies that help eCommerce stores by sending emails to their customers, recommending products, reminding customers of the products they left on the cart, etc. in order to get the customer to come back and finish the order. What we found that was missing is the lack of assistance at the time the customer is purchasing and that’s how Behamics came about. Currently, Behamics is a novel solution to preventing cart abandonment.

Company Birth Story

The Co-Founders of the company noticed that customers needed to be assisted while they were still shopping and this way try to prevent cart abandonment before it happens, recovering the cart is always a harder and less efficient task. Behamics was inspired by the reality that prior companies working with cart abandonments were mostly focused on recovering abandoned carts rather than really preventing them.

The Solution

Behamics’ solution is to prevent cart abandonment before happening through AI and Behavioral Science. Behamics’ AI platform tracks data and sends behavioral messages to the customer to help their purchasing decision. Moreover, it measures the result of the behavioral messages to improve itself, thereby enabling stores to improve sales through positive reinforcement. The AI also forecasts if visitors will add more items to their cart or desire to checkout, as well as when and why customers will abandon their cart. Through Behamics the store is not only able to predict the “whether” but also the “why” while the customer is onsite.

The Team Culture

Behamics works with very talented and experienced developers that always have something to suggest. The interactions among the team members vary and are based on a wide range of topics, which makes the entire process more enjoyable and innovative. From a casual discussion to a potential solution!

The environment at the office lets everyone be their greatest selves and is comfortable enough for everyone to express themselves freely.

Behamics will continue to work on giving the best out of AI and Behavioral Science to further improve eCommerce and solve the biggest challenges it’s facing. Behamics is delivering great results in saving sales and increasing revenue up to 20%.

Founder Quote

“At Behamics we are always working on finding new ways in applying AI and take the online shopping experience to the next level”

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