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The Startup Bringing Immersive Technologies to Shopping

What the company does

Cappasity is a complete and easy to use platform that provides retailers the opportunity to create and deliver the best immersive shopping experience. Thanks to great expertise in 3D and augmented reality, Cappasity has developed solutions that are easily scalable for any business - from small and medium to enterprises.

The Current Landscape

To remain competitive, e-commerce companies need to increase sales conversions and boost customer loyalty, which is impossible without improving the customer experience. Immersive content makes online shopping interactive, increasing sales by 30%+ and reducing returns. However, the current solutions for 3D product imaging are time-consuming, complicated, expensive, and not applicable to large catalogs. Cappasity has become the first SaaS solution for the fast production and easy embedding of 3D/AR content into websites, mobile apps, classifieds, and marketplaces.

Company Birth Story

In 2013 there were several venture deals in 3D technology. Since Cappasity's team had prior experience in 3D and video gaming, they decided that the market was ready to step into an era where 3D technology could be used by regular consumers. They began with software for the creation of 3D product visuals for e-commerce but soon it became clear that big retailers needed a pipeline solution. That’s why the team spent years on R&D, eventually developing a whole set of products for complex e-commerce projects, including: Easy 3D Scan software for immersive content production, the Cappasity platform for content storage and analytics, the 3DShot mobile app for SMB, and integration tools enabling retailers to customize their solution.

Raised $8.45M.

4 patents.

Subsidiaries in France and Armenia.

The Solution

Cappasity is the first SaaS solution for the fast production and easy embedding of 3D/AR content into websites, mobile apps, classifieds, and marketplaces.

Why do customers choose them?

  • Scalability for Enterprise clients – the unique production tools make it possible to shoot thousands SKUs per day (3min per SKU)

  • Affordable solution for SMB – shooting with your smartphone, powered by AI

  • Easy embedding through iFrame, API, plugins, SDK

  • AR Holograms – AR content for websites and apps without 3D modeling

  • Data streaming solution powered by Cappasity 3D format - 3D View

To allow SMBs to use the technology, Cappasity has developed an affordable AI-powered mobile app 3DShot so that sellers can create immersive content with just a smartphone camera. With the 3DShot mobile app sellers can easily create and publish interactive 3D Views of goods, cars, and real estate. Thanks to Cappasity, technology previously only offered to enterprise clients has become available to the general public. On top of that, Cappasity offers mobile SDK to embed 3D capturing mode into third party apps, classifieds, and marketplaces.

A Customer Story

Among Cappasity’s clients are international companies such as Phillips auction house, Saint Laurent (YSL), Samsonite, Marine Serre, and many more.

12.7 million unique visitors per month view Cappasity 3D visualizations on their clients’ websites. The platform serves more than 282 million API requests per month.

After embedding immersive content into online stores, Cappasity clients notice an increase in customers’ engagement and the time they spend on a product page, which has a direct impact on purchases.

For example, Samsonite, a well-known luggage manufacturer and retailer, created 3D product images for its online store with Cappasity’s solution. Thanks to the 3D visualization of items, the brand's customers got the opportunity to rotate items, zoom in, and examine details like they would in brick-and-mortar stores. As a result, the brand managed to increase customer engagement. “It is important for our customers to have the opportunity to examine the goods in detail, and 3D visualization allows us to bridge the gap between online shopping and brick-and-mortar stores. 82% of visitors who select a product 3D View actively interact with it,” comments Jay Nigrelli, VP of e-commerce Samsonite.

A founder quote

“Cappasity has always focused on creating the best customer experience possible and strived to think outside the box. What started as a solution for e-commerce websites now also provides value for the classifieds and marketplaces,” said Kosta Popov, Cappasity CEO and founder. “After 7 years of R&D, Cappasity is launching the Mertsy SDK, the first mobile digitizing solution for goods, vehicles, and real estate. Classifieds can integrate the capturing and displaying of 3D product images directly into their mobile apps and websites.”

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