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The Little Natural Cold Remedy Making a HugeDifference

What the company does?

Buzzagogo is the maker of Cold Bee Gone and Allergy Bee Gone, natural Manuka honey based remedies designed to be swabbed in the nose to fight cold, flu and allergies, while also enhancing the strength of the nasal biome to prevent future illness.

The Current Landscape

The entire world has gotten a crash course in how germs colonize in the nose but very few nasal products address this need and even fewer do more than provide temporary symptom relief after a consumer has already gotten sick.

Company Birth Story

Joyce Dales was a mom on a mission to protect her immunocompromised loved ones from ordinary germs. In 2011 she created her first remedy, Cold Bee Gone Nasal, to protect her newly adopted daughter from Vietnam. Upon arriving home in New Hampshire, she was recovering from emergency open-heart surgery due to a legacy defect attributed to Agent Orange. She was considered much higher risk for complications from everyday germs. In order to protect her, Joyce decided to learn all she could about how people get sick, but more importantly, how to prevent getting sick. What she learned is what the world now understands due to covid, that germs colonize in the nose. Utilizing her knowledge of honey she spent two years in her kitchen trying to find the perfect formulation and began to ask everyone she knew to test it out. The feedback was tremendous and she knew she had created something that could truly help families like her own.

The Solution

The nose is designed to trap and prevent germs from latching on, colonizing and making people sick and the colonization load directly impacts the severity of illness. However, in order for the nose to be the first line of defence for the immune system, it must have healthy mucus and loads of beneficial bacteria. Nasal products containing alcohol, chemicals or excessive saline can compromise the nasal mucosa and increase risk of infection. Buzzagogo’s nasal targeted remedies tackles the issue of seasonal illness from all angles, thoughtfully using super honeys because honey is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, prebiotic, probiotic and helps restore moisture. This innovative solution offers a complete solution to all aspects of seasonal illness using the power of nature.

A Customer Story

When a cold remedy actually works, people are quick to share. Since the pandemic has begun every sniffle brings dread so Cold Bee Gone and Allergy Bee Gone have seen incredible growth. Consumers frequently swear that it shortened or eliminated prolonged symptoms of illness and helped their family stay active and involved in everyday activities like school or work. Enough time has been lost and families are looking for new, natural ways to keep themselves and their children safe.

The Team Culture

Buzzagogo is small family run operation consisting of four employees and a multitude of independent contractors who all work remotely. The products are US made at an FDA compliant pharmaceutical co-packer. While creating a corporate culture can be challenging when everyone telecommutes, Buzzagogo’s secret is frequent communication to the point of just hanging out on zoom for hours at a stretch. As everyone works throughout the day, people just stay logged into the Zoom meeting room and pop in and out as needed for support or just comradery.

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