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The Jank is Cooking up Good Business! - Lamar Jones and his Recipe idea simmers into a multi-million

What the company does

Created by Lamar Jones, The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauces and Spice Blend deliver an award winning, innovative, alternative in the sauce, spice and condiment industry. It has a clean label and accomplishes this without compromising on flavour.

•No High Fructose Corn Syrup


•Gluten Free 

•Diabetic Friendly option

The Current Landscape

No industry is immune to the ongoing supply chain issues and inflation. However, consumers are a lot more conscious of their food choices and selection. The “better for you” features of The Jank have helped it remain a leader in the industry. That along with the customer service and experience that is provided at every interaction, continues to build a loyal community of raving fans known as The Jank Nation. The Jank is in a class all by itself. The quality and versatility of the product provides a vast variety of uses for novice and the seasoned chef. Vegan or meat lover, The Jank just hits different!

Company Birth Story

A musician that fell into the gourmet sauce industry, Jones took his recipe idea in 2009 and turned it into a multi-million- dollar, international brand that started in Texas with retail giant, H-E- B. The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauce was founded from a complete and utter dissatisfaction with other BBQ sauce brands on the market. Jones was always compelled to add on and improve existing sauces to the point where he decided to make his own. Thus, The Jank was born. And has been impressing palettes with a “better for you” incredible flavour and service ever since.

The Solution

The Jank is not just a’s a movement. The Jank Nation (501c3 Non-profit) is continually building a vehicle that will inspire children and young adults to overcome various obstacles that they face due to a challenging socio-economic environment.

The Jank utilizes their business model of “Always Doing Good Business” as an exemplar to exhibit personal leadership and entrepreneurship in business and in the face of these obstacles. This is done through education, training, internships, and career opportunities.

In 2014, The Jank won the City of McAllen’s Innovation Grant Award. Shortly after winning the innovation grant, Jones was selected as a top 25 finalist in the H-E-B, Texas Primo Pick competition. Jones would then go on to win the grant a second time in 2018. Jones was also voted the H-E-B Supplier Diversity-Supplier of the year out of over sixty thousand vendors.

The Jank has grown into a household name, worked with major corporations like Dell Technologies Inc. and has also forged a deal as the official BBQ sauce of the Pittsburgh Steelers. To find The Jank Gourmet BBQ Sauce products, visit your local H-E-B Grocery stores in Texas, or directly from The Jank at

A Customer Story

“I got my parents hooked on Jank quite a while back when I was having to eat low sodium. Now my dad has been diagnosed with kidney disease and must eat low sodium and low sugar. My parents go through two (or more!) bottles of goodness a week! He has heard from the Dr. that following his diet has helped increase his kidney function tremendously. Jank Goodness has reassured him that food can still taste good! Our whole family is happily part of Jank Nation! ” — Skye Kaspar Hempel (w/ Tim & Laura Kaspar)

The Team Culture

S.E.A.R.C.H. Practice Self-determination, Endurance, the ability to Adapt, Resilience, and utilize the power of Choice and remain Humble enough to understand that we don't know it all. These attributes have been key to defying the odds. They have allowed Jones and his Team to pay it forward. This is the culture. This is what sets them apart.

A founder quote

“Service is what we do.”

Check it out-

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