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The Future of Work? One Austin Company Can See It Now

What Domain-U does

Domain-U provides an immersive, interactive, next generation training platform, with expert-built industry specific content designed for the hybrid workforce.

Domain-U's Landscape

The unprecedented shift in the attitudes, behaviours, and expectations of the current labor market is forcing organizations to find new tools to train and re- train their workforce to achieve productivity and accountability, anytime, anywhere.

Though there are e-learning platforms they fail to provide an effective user experience and real-time feedback loop for the learner. Domain-U provides a completely new user experience and set of interactive capabilities with real time feedback, this active learning environment can speed time to productivity by up to 50%.

Domain-U's Birth Story

Domain-U started as an in-person coding school in Texas serving underserved communities and providing high-tech skills to those who normally would not have that opportunity path.

Domain-U's Solution

Domain-U is now focused on two new technologies.

1) AI/ML which will enable even more robust real-time feedback for complex learning curves which will further enable the platform to motivate and “teach” the learner more complex and abstract skills.

2) Digital Verifiable Credentials created and verified via the Velocity blockchain eco-system which is being used by the largest HR Tech companies in the world including, SAP, Oracle, Infor and many more. This means the credential output from Domain-U is instantly integrable and valuable to any of these HR Tech customers and they can verify the digital credentials instantly reducing their time to hire making Domain-U a very attractive channel partner.

A Customer Story

Confluent Medical Technologies is utilizing Domain-U to completely modernize and refresh its’ Quality Assurance and Compliance trainings… “Domain-U’s on- demand, interactive video platform, allows us the flexibility to create short impactful trainings for a mobile device on the manufacturing floor as a refresher, and larger format multi-screen intensives at the office, in a conference room, or at home,” says Richard Brown, SVP of Quality and Regulatory

Domain-U's Team Culture

Domain-U is focused on a culture of innovation rooted in the principles of truth, caring, respect, and trust. These are the core tenants that drive all decisions and process.

A founder quote

“The Hybrid Future of Work is bright, and we are excited to be on the forefront of it… Join us on the bright side!” -John T. Hartigan CEO

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