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The Future of Li-ion Battery Technology

What the company does

Nanoramic® Laboratories is an advanced materials company that develops cutting edge energy storage solutions to meet mission critical demands. Nanoramic’s Neocarbonix® at the Core technology, enables Tier-I battery companies and automotive OEMs to achieve next-gen battery performance while using existing equipment and manufacturing processes.

The Current Landscape

Automotive OEMs are increasingly getting deeper into the Li-ion battery supply chain, but still require improvements in energy density and cost to enable better performing, more widely available EVs. Next- gen batteries including better manufacturing and high energy density electrode materials are a key next step for OEMs to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Company Birth Story

Nanoramic Laboratories began as an idea in an MIT business class in 2009. With this idea, Founder, John Cooley, became a semifinalist for the MIT Clean Energy Prize, and soon after submitted a grant proposal to the DOE, which ultimately led to launch of the company.

The Solution

Neocarbonix at the Core replaces the PVDF binder and toxic solvent used in conventional battery manufacturing with an advanced 3-D nanoscopic carbon binding structure, enabling environmentally friendly and high-performance batteries. Batteries made with Neocarbonix at the Core have up to 35% 1 higher energy density, higher power, 15-minute fast charging, and long cycle life, all at a cell cost reduction of up to 27% 1 ($/kWh). Neocarbonix at the Core also replaces toxic NMP with non-toxic solvents that require less energy in the drying process, leading to a reduced CO2 footprint.

A Customer Story

Neocarbonix at the Core can increase the efficiency of the EV market by providing up to $1,400 in potential savings in battery cell cost per vehicle, up to $300m in potential savings in investment when constructing a new 20 GWh cell factory, and by enabling up to a 30% increase in production capacity when retrofitting an existing 20 GWh factory. 

The Team Culture

Nanoramic supports innovation, trust, and ownership, by structuring its culture around risk-taking, and transparency, while equipping its employees with the tools needed to independently act in alignment with the company’s strategic intent.

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