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"The freedom to live anywhere" with EWO place

What is EWO Place?

EWO place is a real estate club that offers community flexible living. The company buys and renovates properties in local communities whereby people can stay and pay for only basic utilities and upkeep. At EWO place individuals only pay for what they use and not for the stay. Also, individuals have a chance to earn through crypto rewards.

The current industry landscape

There are some issues currently plaguing the real estate industry. Rent increases for example have become a real issue in the real estate industry. With the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on businesses, these increases seem not to be going away anytime soon and will hurt people's finances all over the world. The model that they currently use in the real estate industry is one of the big causes of this rent inflation. The traditional model, which has numerous flaws, gives power to wealthy property owners who exploit low-income renters.

Besides that, urbanization has caused a flight of population from small European countryside villages to urban centers during the past century. Which causes the villages to lose their economic activities and slowly become deserted. These beautiful villages are being forgotten and cast aside.

The birth of the company

EWO place started in the UK in 2015 when most people were frustrated with not owning a house due to high prices. At this time most villages in Italy were empty since most people had moved to urban centers. People could not imagine not being able to own a place to live due to high rental prices. EWO then came into place to help demonetize real estate. EWO place was to reconnect individuals with places where they could live free of mortgages and exploitative rent payments. EWO place solely focused on country villages since most people had abandoned these places to go and live in urban estates. They noticed how urbanization had caused small European villages to lose their economic activities and slowly become deserted.

The EWO Place mission

EWO place is trying to kill rent, something that has never been done before.

The company does not seek to make money from rentals, but rather uses these properties to help improve the lives of local communities. Therefore, EWO place decided that they would be buying and then renovating properties in local communities where people would stay and only pay for basic utilities. EWO place uses locals to manage and operate these.

The countryside offers a chance for individuals to access nature and greater quality of life that comes from quiet places away from chaos and pollution. EWO place aims to serve the community first by offering a real-estate platform for flexible living. The company’s motto is ‘To Earn Without Owning’.

EWO taps into revenue from its real estate without securitizing assets so that they can reward their users with crypto. The company has enabled individuals to subscribe for actual properties at EWO without the need to signup or register that requires individuals’ personal data. When individuals subscribe to the EWO properties it is like they are choosing and staking into a platform the same as a savings account, but for cryptocurrency.

The company has an android and ios app that provides wallets for Ether and EWO tokens to keep balances separate from subscriptions. With balances and subscriptions being separate, users can earn and move tokens in or out of properties and wallets at their will. Moreover, with the app users can stake and make withdrawals. The app also offers a support chat and notifications to allow users to know when there are changes within the app.

EWO place also launched a pilot program that will help to validate the new approach to rentals and monetization of real estate. Users will experience a new lifestyle in these properties while helping the communities thrive and prosper.

EWO place’s first pilot place is in central Portugal. This location offers a scenic mountain and lakes landscape and old-built heritage structures.

EWO has a cryptocurrency known as EWO token that is a native token for the platform. As such, EWO tokens can be utilized as digital cash within the platform. At EWO place it is required of the users to utilize this digital cash to pay for bookings and payments. If you don't feel like shifting you can hold EWO tokens and earn returns from different people who use the properties.

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