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The Death Tech Solution That Keeps Working For You Even After You Die

What DigitalWill does offers a GLOBAL solution that eliminates the need for high-priced attorneys by giving users the ability to create their very own digital will right at their fingertips.

The Current Landscape

The estate planning industry has long been overdue for disruption. The industry has not innovated beyond online PDF document generation in over 100 years. Currently, there are two ways to have your will prepared. Traditional attorneys will charge you about $1,500 per update or you can pay an “online will creator” like LegalZoom or Trust & Will anywhere from $99.00-$159.00.

This pay-per-will model lacks flexibility, control & security that is badly desired. Also, these legacy solutions fail to account for your digital assets after you pass. That’s where comes in. is a patented smart technology that lets you create your digital will & plan for what should happen to your personal and digital assets when you die. You can specify final wishes, store important accounts, save personal records, pick executors who will handle your affairs, grant executors access to your important records, nominate beneficiaries, and leave specific gifts. The service will work with your executors and beneficiaries to make sure all your wishes are executed after you die. All for $9.99/month with unlimited updates and refreshing.

Company Birth Story

When founder Art Shaikh’s father unexpectedly passed away in 2012, he didn’t have a will – let alone an outlet for storing his login information for various online accounts. Art and his family were left scrambling to access his online financial accounts, email account and storage clouds. His iCloud account alone stored 10,000+ valuable family photos and videos that spanned decades. The thought of losing those precious digital memories was devastating to the family – all while mourning the unexpected loss of the family’s patriarch.

Art worked tirelessly for months to gain access to his father’s digital footprint – and it sparked an idea. There has to be a more modern, trusted way to document and share access to your digital footprint and dictate what happens to those accounts after you pass.

As he talked to friends about these issues, Art realized that this was a problem with no modern solution. Online estate planning companies simply provide you with a PDF which you still need to have executed on your behalf when you pass away. is the modern solution to problems faced by millions of people around the world who want to ensure their loved ones aren’t burdened further during their time of grief. Born from a father’s unexpected passing, and carried out by a dedicated son.

The Solution

The vision is to provide an all-in-one solution for essential end-of-life services. Currently, the company has developed a mobile platform with a desktop option in beta. The technology allows users to store account information securely, choose executors, upload and store documents, and document their funeral wishes.

It's important to understand the difference between will creation and will execution services. Currently, there are a lot of online will creation services that can help you create a PDF. However these fall short to deliver users a private, secure, way to create, update, share and execute their will. A PDF you give to your brother or sister can easily be lost, stolen, damaged or forgotten. Our smart technology handles the execution of your will to your exact specifications.

The Team Culture

The team has a singular focus on building a product & service that will change the lives of millions globally. The team’s core is built around the vision of Founder & CEO, Art Shaikh.

Founder & CEO Art Shaikh: Art has over 20 years of experience building and maintaining relationships while effectively managing high-functioning teams at technology giants like Dun & Bradstreet and Salesforce. He’s always had an entrepreneurial drive and his mission to bring to the masses was made a reality in early 2018. Since then, he’s put together a diverse team of dedicated individuals that share his passion and drive. He’s the fearless leader of and the man behind the idea.

Chief Technology Officer Rafi Sayyed: Rafi has over 25 years of experience in the fintech, telecomm, insurance, and legal/regulatory industries and is skilled in end-to-end application development. At, he leads a high-performing team of developers that have spent countless hours bringing to life. He plays a major role in the ideation, development and implementation of new features while ensuring the platform is reliable and secure.

Chief Marketing Officer Joe Karasin: Joe has 15 years experience in SEO, PPC, social media, and email marketing. Here at, Joe enjoys working with the creative and marketing teams to develop comprehensive marketing strategies that deliver results. He’s innovative, passionate, and an expert at executing data-driven strategies for business growth and has been an integral part of’s growth.

VP of Brand Communications Teresa Duckworth: Teresa has over 20 years of branding experience and has confidently built and led creative and communication teams throughout her career. Here at, she’s responsible for ensuring the brand image and voice is consistent across all outlets. Teresa is truly a strategic thinker with the unique ability to understand and implement the psychology behind successful communications.

Lead Product Designer Elizabeth Michaels: Liz is a well-rounded designer with over 5 years experience across a wide range of design disciplines. Here at, she’s our UI/UX design master behind our Generational Platform and has an impeccable eye for detail and extraordinary work ethic. Liz has the uncanny ability to put herself in the shoes of our members and understand how they think and navigate through our platform.

A founder quote

“Traditional will creation process is expensive, confusing and time consuming. wants to make it simple, trusted and affordable to everyone.”

“From Apple, to google to facebook to Amazon, everyone will need a digital will.”

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