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The Blockchain Infrastructure Layer for Web3

What the company does?

Crypto APIs offers scalable Web3 infrastructure which simplifies and speeds up the development of crypto and blockchain applications. The company's product suite includes Wallet as a Service (WaaS), Blockchain Data, Blockchain Events, Blockchain Automations, Blockchain Tools, and Market Data. Crypto APIs' unified endpoints allow businesses to boost efficiency and focus on their core offering.

The Current Landscape

With blockchain adoption accelerating, there is a growing demand for reliable infrastructure solutions. While there are many API providers, very few of them are capable of delivering the wide range of unified endpoints and SDK libraries comparable to those of Crypto APIs. Some of the prominent names include Copper, Fireblocks, Moralis, and Tatum.

Company Birth Story

Before Crypto APIs, Nashwan Khatib was a founding member of TokenGet, an ICO fundraising platform which enabled over 60 projects to raise $350M in a span of a year and a half.

While at TokenGet, Nashwan worked closely with other crypto entrepreneurs and saw their concerns about building on blockchain. It took them a significant amount of time to develop their products after the fundraising. Building applications from scratch is never easy, especially when a new technology like blockchain is involved. Upon seeing the need for flexible infrastructure components, Nashwan decided it was time to pivot.

In May 2018 he started Crypto APIs.

“We knew it was a very hard task to accomplish," said the founder. Some blockchains lacked the necessary documentation. Moreover, the tools had to perform well with high volumes of data, requiring significant speed and bandwidth. However, over the years Crypto APIs managed to become the industry leader powering companies like Chainlink, Ledger, Nexo, PayPal, and Rakuten.

The Solution

Interoperability is one of the main benefits of Crypto APIs, allowing users to seamlessly switch between different protocols, including testnets and mainnets. New blockchains and token standards are added regularly. Crypto APIs provides extensive documentation and SDKs that enable developers to deploy their apps with just a few lines of code. Last but not least, the company offers dedicated white-glove support, ensuring that its clients integrate and interact with the endpoints effortlessly.

Crypto APIs has been recognized by the leaders in- and outside of the blockchain world. In 2019, it was a Top Pick for TechCrunch's Disrupt San Francisco. Later that year, the company received the highest available grant of $120,000 from Microsoft for Startups. Most recently, it received funds from four highly successful blockchain protocols to support infrastructure development for Web3.

Crypto APIs aims to be the leading API provider for blockchain and crypto projects, the backbone they utilize to accelerate their product development, and a long-term partner they can rely on. In the future, the company plans to add support for more blockchains as well as new exciting products and endpoints.

A Customer Story

Our clients put it best. "Crypto APIs was like a breath of fresh air," said Rod Hsu, the president of Coincurve. "They have the best support team I have ever seen, provide a great variety of products to get access to blockchain and market data, set up notifications, and more, all with an easy integration that doesn’t take more than a day." The customers agree that Crypto APIs was crucial for accelerating their development. Whether they are building a crypto exchange, crypto wallet, custodian, digital bank, or something else, Crypto APIs is a trusted partner they keep using year after year.

The Team Culture

Crypto APIs' team is constantly growing, with hires coming in every month to satisfy the company's needs for talent. The culture is evolving with new people of diverse backgrounds joining. However, it always preserves the three pillars it's based on: fairness, trust, and care for one another.

The team has a special tradition. Every time a new client is onboarded, a sales person gets to ring an antique bell to celebrate the success. This is an instant mood booster for the entire office.

The core team consists of Nashwan Khatib, Beduil Dauis, Ognian Marinov, Kristiyan Lozanov, and Silviya Sotirova. Nashwan is Crypto APIs' founder and CEO. He is a technical entrepreneur who started his career as a software developer and opened his first IT business in 2011.

Beduil is Crypto APIs' CBDO with tremendous experience in complex negotiations, partner acquisition, and relationship building. He is a member of the Government Blockchain Association and European Chamber of Commerce for Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Ognian Marinov is the CTO with a background in the gaming industry. He mentors Crypto API's dev team and gives them a strategic direction in regards to new protocol onboarding, endpoint releases, and technical product maintenance.

Kristiyan Lozanov is the COO of Crypto APIs who entered the blockchain space in 2017. He is most known as a co-founder of REINNO, a tokenized real estate lending and investing company.

Silviya Sotirova is Crypto APIs’ CMO with a demonstrated history of working in the technology industry for software companies and digital agencies. She is skilled in the creation and management of marketing strategies from concept to execution.

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