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The Birth of Paramount Quote

What is Paramount Quote?

ParamountQuote is a life insurance agency that specializes in burial insurance for seniors. This is also known as whole life insurance or final expense insurance. This national company does business in all 50 states. The agents in this organization are highly trained exclusively by Tim Connon the founder and CEO. He has expert-level knowledge when it comes to life insurance underwriting which allows him and his agents to help 90% of their clients get approved for day one level coverage. The client submits an online inquiry through the website and an agent calls them back and assists them in signing up. The client receives an instant decision right over the phone in minutes.

The Current Landscape

The industry is currently saturated with a lot of companies marketing graded products to seniors. Graded products are life insurance with 2 or 3-year waiting periods before the beneficiary can receive the death benefit. If a senior is healthy they should not have to be in a 2 year waiting period. Consumers in good health should be able to get day one coverage so if they died the day after their policy is activated it will payout. This is the current landscape of overpriced 2-year waiting period policies being marketed to the senior market. Their competitors are funeral homes offering prepaid burials.

Company Birth Story

The company started when Tim realized he could create a website to provide informative information to consumers while at the same time earning their business through education and awareness. The service he provides earns the name "Paramount" as in the highest point of service available on the market. This service combined with the expert level training in underwriting and lowest rate life insurance companies became ParamountQuote. After he realized the name he wanted he launched the website and began raising awareness through blogging and YouTube video education. His goal is to provide consumers with as much information as possible so they can make a properly informed decision about picking the right coverage for their family.

The Solution

This company is building a streamlined process where a consumer can go and access a blog and video to educate them and answer their questions ahead of time so they can speak with an agent and all they need to know is when can the coverage start. They differ from competitors because they provide both blog information and YouTube videos telling the consumer exactly what life insurance company to apply for depending on their health conditions. They give exact detail about the product and the health questions so the client knows they will be approved with no hassle. This is reflected in their success so far, they gained over 500 clients just within the last 7 months and continue to earn their clients business. Their vision is to be the #1 life insurance agency provider for seniors by the year 2025 and have over 300 new agents being trained on the same principals as Tim the founder.


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