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The Birth and Life of a Restaurant Equipment & Supply Company

What RES does

Brumback Restaurant Equipment Company (RES), Inc. is a full-service restaurant equipment company that specializes in the sales and installation of restaurant equipment and supplies. Operating with its own licenses, RES can install cooking equipment, refrigeration, sinks, and any other equipment or small wares necessary to keep a restaurant working.

The Current Landscape

Over the past years, there has been a movement toward online equipment companies. While these companies offer value and assortment, they lack the personal touch that comes with a brick-and- mortar company that can make site visits and know, firsthand, what the needs of each individual restaurant are.

Company Birth Story

Restaurant Equipment & Supply (RES) started in 1982 during an economic downturn that saw many people out of work. With $300 in hand, the owner purchased a warehouse full of used restaurant equipment from a local chain restaurant. Storing the equipment in his parents’ garage, he sold enough equipment to buy more before buying an old school bus and stocking it with smallwares, which he carried from restaurant to restaurant. Eventually, there was enough money to buy a small building and later a larger building. From that small garage, the company has grown into an 18,000-square-foot building.

The Solution

What separates RES from other companies is that it is founded on a high commitment to customer success. This includes engineering and design support, along with a staff of trained technicians in gas fitting, refrigeration, and hood installation. This, combined with a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and offering the best products at a reasonable cost, allows RES to thrive and grow in the industry.

A Customer Story

Over the years, RES has designed, built, and advised restaurateurs on how to make their businesses more successful. Combining the foodservice skills of the restaurant operators with RES’s technical know-how has allowed many operators to expand both into larger restaurants and multiple restaurants. Over the years, many have graduated from food trucks and take-out only venues to full-service operations, while others have gone on to develop multi-unit operations.

The Team Culture

RES takes a team approach to the equipment industry. Dividing between sales, installation, and purchasing, each unit can work independently while coming together in a laser focused effort to support the restaurant industry. This approach allows each team to offer a diverse viewpoint on restaurant success under one umbrella.

A founder quote

The motto at RES is that accomplishments are measured through the success of the restaurant operators that RES works with. Without those operators, RES would cease to exist.

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