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The Beverage Industry Meets Sustainability and Science Sticks

What the Company Does

Bobelo created the first powdered self-carbonating drink packets. The bubbles come to life when you mix the powder with water—it’s science in your cup! They are just as fun to drink as they are to watch.

Bobelo’s drink packets are made with natural ingredients and sweeteners, promoting healthier lifestyles while producing minimal waste.

The Current Landscape

The beverage industry is big and competitive. No doubt about it. But most drink companies produce tons of waste with their plastic or glass bottles, and other powdered drink mixes are either full of sugar or made purely for electrolyte benefits and do not taste very good.

This is where Bobelo comes in to save the day.

Birth Story

Founder of Bobelo, Stephen Colvin, enjoys hiking in the mountains. Whenever he's out exploring and comes across a plastic bottle or soda can littered among the beauty of nature, it infuriates him. Stephen is no excessive conservationist, but recognized that he could do more and do better.

Stephen set out to create a beverage that was more sustainable and healthy, but delicious and fun at the same time. He wanted to create that same carbonation experience from a soda can in a less-wasteful package. After various chemistry experiments with ingredients and flavors (including a few carbonation explosions), Bobelo was born!


Bobelo created the fizzy carbonation experience of soda in a small pouch of drink mix powder. Using stevia leaf extract, their drink contains now sugar, making it a healthier choice for families, athletes, and adventurers.

Bobleo is B Corp certified and is dedicated to contributing a portion of their sales to their own nonprofit foundations that reduce waste and fight against human trafficking. They also contribute to a more green earth through their minimal packaging, resulting in 97% less plastic than leading bottles of soda.

Not only do their delicious mixes make great sodas and energy drinks—they also blend well in cocktails, ice cream floats, Italian sodas, and hot tea.

Founder Quote

The beverage we create is amazing and we love growing our company around it. But if it's not doing good then I don't know what the point of all of this is. I think too many entrepreneurs lose sight of asking themselves ‘What am I actually accomplishing in the world?’ And if the answer is just to get lots of money to buy nice cars and houses, then you probably have the wrong goals,” said Stephen Colvin, founder of Bobelo.

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