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The B2B Sales Stack that Does it All

What the company does?

Clarity Stack provides business data and insights to B2B companies through its automated, AI-powered sales intelligence platform, helping them to find and win new business opportunities and grow their revenue.

The Current Landscape

Over recent years, and especially with the looming cost of living crisis, more businesses are turning to data to help them make the most cost-effective decisions possible.

The same is true within sales teams. Sales and marketing leaders are now looking at ways to get the most value out of their existing resources, and business intelligence platforms like Clarity Stack are becoming increasingly popular to help support these teams and boost productivity.

Company Birth Story

Before Clarity Stack, Founder and CEO, Ben Harper, founded a digital marketing agency, Datify. During this time, he had a network of people that kept new business rolling in. But once opportunities from that network ran dry, Ben had to find another way to generate new business.

After trying various methods to improve lead generation, the company desperately needed a tool to help them understand which businesses to get in touch with, who to contact, and when.

It was then that Ben decided to develop a new sales intelligence SaaS platform to help other businesses in that position and in 2018, Clarity Stack was born.

The Solution

The sales intelligence platform has four key features:

  • Prospects - a database detailing millions of companies and direct contact information for decision-makers

  • Contracts - RFP/tender database detailing live contracts including all documentation and key contact details

  • Insights - intelligence indicating that a company requires particular services either now or in the future

  • Leads - read-to-pitch leads specifically selected for clients

Customisable packages enable Clarity Stack clients to either use their prospecting database standalone or alongside additional features depending on their sales/marketing needs.

Utilising contextual business insights and live RFPs/Tenders alongside a full database of direct contact details creates the most successful outreach strategy for sales teams.

A Customer Story

Hatch Films is an award-winning film production company from London. They signed up for a Clarity Stack subscription in June 2021, looking for ways to identify and pitch for new video production opportunities.

Since joining Clarity Stack, Hatch Films have won multiple deals taking them past £55,000 worth of earnings through the leads made available through their Clarity Stack account. This represents a staggering 850% return on investment.

The Team Culture

The business consists of five departments, headed up by Ben Harper - Founder and CEO; Scott Roberts - CTO; Joe Fletcher - CMO; Rich Goose - CIO; Tom Holland - CRO; and Becky Cunningham - Customer Success Manager. The senior leadership team all share the same goal: strengthen and expand the organisation to make Clarity Stack as successful as possible.

To keep motivation levels up and ensure all employees build strong collaborative relationships, the team hold regular socials, weekly quizzes, and early finish Fridays.

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