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The Atsign Company wants to flip the internet - and give online privacy back

What the company does

The Atsign Company is dedicated to giving users control of their app data and privacy. It’s a free, open-source platform where developers can create amazing apps that allow their users to decide what to do with their info online.

The Current Landscape

There is nothing like Atsign out there. Right now, there are some software programs that allow users to control their online privacy, but Atsign company is a platform - meaning that developers can create apps that already come with built-in privacy protection. No need to install or pay for any added software.

Company Birth Story

Its three co-founders have always been involved with privacy online and the need to make the internet a secure place for everyone, since each year users increase the online data they generate. When one of the co-founders first introduced the idea of creating a platform like Atsign, they realized the technology wasn’t there yet. They waited patiently for a few years to create Atsign, all the while perfecting the platform’s underlaying technology.

The Solution

The Atsign company has created some great apps like Atmosphere Pro, a file-sharing app that guarantees complete end-to-end encryption. Currently, the app is being used by NGO’s in conflict zones to safely exchange critical information without the fear of it being intercepted by bad actors.

Thanks to their amazing developer community, more apps like this are on the way as their consumer base keeps growing. The Atsign Company hopes to be the platform of choice by developers who want to ensure the internet is kept a safe place.

A founder quote

“I want to see an internet that truly protects people’s privacy.” - Barbara Tallent, The Atsign Co-founder

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