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Tech for Good: The World’s First Free Online Toy Store

What Dayra does

Dayra, the world's first free online toy store, provides technology toys to underprivileged children in Canada and the USA in partnership with food banks. It's the CSR program of Orthoplex Solutions, a Toronto-based web and app development company focused on performance, scalability, and data security.

The Current Landscape

The software development industry is highly saturated, with many companies primarily focused on generating revenue. However, only a select few are committed to a mission beyond profit.

Many companies prioritize completing projects over genuinely considering the client's best interests. Orthoplex often receives clients seeking to have their projects entirely redone after being abandoned by previous developers.

Company Birth Story

Orthoplex: Founded by three siblings, Orthoplex Solutions is more than just a development firm; it's a family business. Established in 2015, the trio, all engineers from diverse backgrounds, began by building websites for charities and non-profits they were passionate about. Word of their exceptional work spread quickly, leading to rapid expansion without any marketing expenditure for the first eight years. Their success was driven purely by word-of- mouth referrals, highlighting the critical importance of their work's quality.

How they started Dayra: When they were children, their mother often took the three siblings to visit orphanages, where they would bring gifts and spend quality time with the kids. The joy and excitement these visits brought inspired them to recreate this experience on a larger scale. They aimed to expand and amplify their impact, reaching more lives through their initiative.

The Solution

Orthoplex wanted to fix those two gaps in the market. So they made sure of the following:

  • Their teams are experts in the technology they develop and that they build long-term relationships with clients. They have delivered 500+ successful projects to 150+ clients in 6 countries.

  • Their company has a bigger purpose/mission, which is why they launched Dayra. They donate 1% of their total revenue to support it.

A Customer Story

Dayra is launching an Early Bird sponsorship program, inviting clients to support their cause. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many companies moved by Dayra's mission. Several businesses, including a tutoring company offering free sessions for children, have already committed to participating in the next Dayra launch. During the first launch of Dayra, they sold out all toys in 27 minutes. While toys were being handed out, the parents and kids were extremely excited and asking about the next launch date. It was very clear that such a simple gift has made a great impact.

The Team Culture

The Salib siblings learned a lot from being in the corporate world prior to starting Orthoplex Solutions. They feel very strongly about having a team culture where everyone can see the big picture. Their company communicates all goals and KPIs to the team, as well as future plans for expansion and growth. It is important for them to ensure that everyone on the team is invested in the company’s story and that they understand how their role is helping Orthoplex achieve its goals.

A founder quote

“A company is more than just the services it offers and the profit it makes. At Orthoplex Solutions, we believe that all children should have the opportunity to discover the world of technology and robotics.”  - Fady Salib

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