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Take Your Money Furthr

What is Furthr?

Furthr is a small Australian business that provides a seamless process for automatic cashback on in- store and online purchases with their wide range of partners. Link your card to the Furthr app and earn automatic cashback into your digital wallet. It’s simple, useful, and rewarding.

The Current Landscape

They say that cash is king, but now with more transactions than ever occurring using debit and credit cards, there is a great opportunity to quickly and easily get cashback on all purchases. The competition in this space includes a range of growing brands, including Cashrewards, ShopBack, My Rewards, as well as some in-house arrangements with credit cards. The difference though is Furthr have a set up once technology, making their experience seamless and without additional redemption steps.

Company Birth Story

Originally, the motivation was to provide a platform where customers could save their rewards and use them for travel experiences across the globe. Then lockdowns and COVID hit, and they were looking at a travel app when the world was no longer traveling! As they started to develop our technology, they saw a gap in the market. A one-stop app that can collect your rewards. Easy to track

and easy to use, thanks to their card linking technology. No more lost coupons or points that never get used! A slight pivot to a seamless loyalty app named Furthr!

The Solution

Furthr’s unique selling proposition is based in the automation of the cashback process. All users have to do is link the card or cards once, and that’s it. The cashback from all their future purchases is automatically deposited into their digital Furthr wallet. The Furthr customer experience is entirely frictionless and are working around the clock to add onto their list of top innovative brands to cater to all unique shopping habits.

Furthr’s vision is centred around increasing their partnerships to never seen before heights so that users can get cashback on things like phone bills, utilities, flights, fuel, or even rent, all by simply linking their card to the app. They are aiming big to really make a difference on Australians to get ahead and unlock more of what matters to them.

A Customer Story

Furthr is changing lives by providing an effortless way of receiving cashback. Consumers no longer have to spend time redeeming coupons or entering in activation codes. If their card is linked, their cashback is there.

The Team Culture

The Furthr team comprises a small team of money-savvy professionals who love new experiences. As they put it, they are conscientious spenders who value experiences over things, they were catching Ubers when everyone was still in taxis, their rooms are on Airbnb to fund their holidays, and they probably own a bit of cryptocurrency. Despite age differences in the team, they can all be loosely defined as Millennials.

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