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Suppli WMS Revolutionizes Warehouse Managementwith Groundbreaking User-Friendly System

What Suppli WMS does

Suppli WMS is a renowned technology solutions provider specializing in empowering businesses with innovative warehouse management software. With a commitment to excellence, Suppli continues to revolutionize industries and help organizations achieve operational efficiency and growth.

Suppli WMS's Current Landscape

WMS stands for Warehouse Management Solutions, and it's all about making things run smoothly in the warehousing industry. The thing is, a lot of the existing solutions out there are outdated. Companies are spending big bucks for these systems, and then their employees end up using pen and paper because it's just more convenient than those so-called "high-tech" solutions. After Steinar Mc Shane Eriksen, the founder of Suppli, noticed it, he immediately got the idea for a startup. Suppli was developed to change all that.

Company Birth Story

Suppli, a visionary startup founded in 2021, has emerged as a leader in innovative technology solutions. This year, it has unveiled its groundbreaking user-friendly WMS solution, set to transform the way companies manage their logistics operations.

The Solution

The Idea Behind Suppli: “Efficiency Made Simple” In an era where efficiency and productivity are paramount, Suppli has taken a bold leap forward by developing a WMS that prioritizes user-friendliness at every level. This revolutionary system empowers warehouse employees, managers, and executives alike to extract the maximum value from their warehouse operations, regardless of their technical expertise.

Unlike traditional complex systems that required extensive training and a steep learning curve, Suppli WMS has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and understand. From the moment of implementation, users can seamlessly adapt to the system, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition.

By harnessing the power of user-centered design principles, Suppli has created a WMS that simplifies and automates tasks, resulting in increased productivity and streamlined processes. Warehouse workers can efficiently manage inventory, track shipments, and fulfill orders with minimal effort, reducing human errors and ensuring precise inventory control.

Notably, Suppli's user-friendly WMS offers flexibility and adaptability, enabling customization to meet the specific needs of each business. Users can personalize interfaces, configure reports, and adjust settings, tailoring the system to their unique requirements and optimizing their operations.

Furthermore, the system's comprehensive reporting and real-time analytics provide users with valuable insights to make informed decisions. Managers and executives can access critical data, such as inventory levels, order statuses, and performance metrics, empowering them to identify opportunities for process optimization, cost reduction, and strategic planning.

"We are thrilled to introduce our game-changing user-friendly WMS to the market." - Rolf Ivar Skår, CEO of Suppli, says." By focusing on simplicity, efficiency, and intuitive design, we aim to revolutionize warehouse management and help businesses thrive in today's competitive landscape."

The launch of the user-friendly Suppli WMS is set to disrupt the warehouse management industry, driving increased productivity, reducing training costs, minimizing errors, and fostering user adoption.

While the WMS was still in development, it has already made some serious strides in marketing. They managed to gather hundreds of interested leads in just a year. Companies across Europe and beyond were amazed by the benefits of this cutting-edge solution. In addition, they even formed partnerships with some huge companies and industry leaders. To learn more about Suppli, visit or get in touch directly at

The Team Culture

Suppli has a diverse international team, based in Norway but with employees from Ukraine, Belarus, and Macedonia. The team has been through thick and thin, but they have always shown that they believe in the project when things are fun but also when it´s not fun at all. They share a great mindset that together they will do this no matter what.

A founder quote

“Invest in dedicated people, and dedicated people will invest in you.” - is a favorite quote of the founder, Steinar Mc Shane Eriksen. “Now this is what I call an investment.” - he says.

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