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Storyly for Personalized, Interactive, Shoppable Content Experiences in Digital Stores

What Storyly does

Storyly is a commerce-enabled content experience platform for brands to drive engagement in digital stores, shorten the path from inspiration to purchase, and grow revenue.

It offers marketers a dynamic channel for personalization, interactivity, and shoppable media experiences. Storyly makes content creation a breeze with intuitive studio and AI-powered automation.

The Current Landscape

Online shoppers are used to looking for inspiration and discovering new things with video content across social media platforms. Yet, eCommerce companies are not capable to meet customers’ increasing demand for engaging experiences since most apps and websites are static, dull, and outdated.

Storyly fills this gap in shopping by enabling eCommerce companies to create interactive, personalized, shoppable content experiences on their owned.

Although there is no direct alternative to Storyly, there are several companies serving to eCommerce marketers for shopper engagement and content creation such as Yotpo, Nosto, Videowise, Movable Ink.

Company Birth Story

Storyly was founded in 2019 as the product of its parent company, AppSamurai. Being a significant actor in the mobile ecosystem since 2016, AppSamurai became an FT500 and Inc5000 company with its user acquisition platform.

The AppSamurai team knew that in-app communication tools were so much in resemblance, making differentiation tricky. The search for new and better in customer engagement evolved to open a new chapter in this adventure: Storyly – a new and dynamic channel for marketers to engage with their customers in the app with full-screen content.

Since then, Storyly has kept evolving by adding numerous capabilities to its feature set. Now, it empowers marketers with interactivity, personalization, content automation, and shoppable content experiences.

Also, Storyly currently provides a multichannel experience, including apps, websites, and email marketing.

The Solution

Storyly offers solutions for mainly three use cases:

1) Dynamic engagement

Short-form, vertical videos are the most powerful content experience today, keeping shoppers returning for more to an app and website.

Storyly revitalizes digital stores’ appeal with this new and dynamic

channel for engagement.

2) Embedded commerce

The best shopping experiences have content at the center. Storyly enables eCommerce marketers to use shoppable content on their owned digital platforms to;

- help your customers discover a wide range of products,

- inspire them about the best contexts to use these items,

- highlight campaigns and offers,

- build trust with testimonials,

- and convert interest into purchase.

3) Data-driven decisions

Storyly enables marketer to leverage interactive content to collect zero-party data, improving audience segmentation and informing marketing decisions.

A founder quote

“The future of eCommerce belongs to the companies who acknowledge the fact that shopping is not only about the products that are sold, but it’s an overall experience starting from the moment of discovery. At Storyly, we empower eCommerce marketers to design an engaging journey from inspiration to purchase. We help them make it interactive, make it personalized, make it shoppable. And at the heart of all, we believe, there should be content–an engaging, dynamic, captivating content experience.”

K. Soner Şensoy, Co-Founder and CRO at Storyly

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