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Square Signs: Intuitive & Feature Rich Design Tool

What Square Signs does

Square Signs is an online sign design platform intended for individuals and businesses of all sizes. The company’s production facility is located in Burbank, California. From there, they deliver products all over the US and Canada.

Square Signs Current Landscape

The market is projected to face an economic downturn so the company expects to see a decrease in orders. During such challenging fluctuations, their goal is to avoid layoffs and maintain steady revenue.

Square Signs faces fierce competition from many businesses in the industry that provide similar products and services. However, being listed in Inc. Magazine’s 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US keeps them at the forefront of the race. They achieve success by prioritising customer satisfaction and ensuring top quality standards.

Company Birth Story

The founders started their first sign-making company in Armenia. A few years later, it expanded to a new market in the USA. Square Signs was established in California in 2016. The business first operated out of a small facility in Van Nuys before moving to a larger one in Burbank to meet increasing demand.

The Solution

Square Signs was among the first companies to provide customers with a simple tool that allows them to create their own designs. The company has made the sign-shopping experience more accessible for customers. The features offered on its platform give it an edge over competitor software.

Their design tool is highly responsive and performs well on different devices. The tool minimizes the time and effort needed for customers to modify products. It allows them to select materials, features and accessories from a direct menu. Customers can customize any medium and template to suit their needs. The tool also calculates product pricing based on size, quantity, features and accessories. Finally, it calculates sales and bulk discounts live on the interface.

The company is known for its exceptional customer service. Their support team is always available through various channels to help users with all questions and concerns. They guide clients through the sign design process to ensure satisfaction. Specialists also offer advice on the best products and specifications such as materials and mounting options based on customer needs.

The Square Signs vision revolves around customer satisfaction. The company makes it their mission to provide clients with top-rate products and services.

The Team Culture

Every member of the team is essential. Management draws up the plans to advance the business; craftsmen manufacture top-quality products; marketing creates content and sets strategies; the development team ensures the platform runs smoothly; support specialists communicate with customers. They all work toward the same end: bringing their clients’ vision to life.

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