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Sparking scientific curiosity and love of science: Kazoom Kids

What Kazoom Kids does

Kazoom Kids is a brand focused on making STEM into a fashion statement for our little ones. There aren’t a lot of thought-provoking fashion choices out there for our little ones. We launched the company with a fashion-forward line of kids shoes and socks in bright colors and playful patterns that captivate kids and inspire their interest and curiosity for scientific discovery. Why should superheroes and princesses get all the love?

The Current Landscape

Kids fashion is a huge industry; but there aren’t many brands that are highlighting STEM in their product lines. Sure, one can find dinosaur T-Shirts and rocket ships on a pair of shorts; However, not only is Kazoom Kids building a full line of kids fashion wear starting with shoes and socks, we are also creating an entire ecosystem that makes STEM concepts accessible for both kids and parents through games, science experiments, puzzles, crosswords and much more.

Company Birth Story

Like many parents, my husband and I were frustrated by the clothing options available for young kids. They were either generic and uninteresting, or they were a walking advertisement for a movie character. We also didn’t think many kids’ products were completely thought through from an ease-of-use perspective; especially in the younger 2-4 age range when being in a hurry always seems to be in direct conflict with putting on your kid’s pair of shoes (By the way - we started Kazoom when my daughter was 3!). Additionally, my husband, being an entrepreneur and scientist, he was always looking for fun ways to express his love of science with a punny coffee mug or T-Shirt; so I thought, let’s create a STEM themed apparel company for kids. We were hooked and Kazoom Kids was birthed.

The Solution

We developed Kazoom Kids’ Shoes around the three E’s: Exciting, Effortless, and Engaging:

Exciting: With bright colors and playful science-theme patterns, our children’s shoes and socks are eye-catching and imaginative. We know you’ll love the quality of Kazoom Kids shoes and socks and the opportunity to build enthusiasm for science in your child.

Effortless: Our children’s shoes and socks are comfortable, durable, and easy for active kids to slip on and off as they head out the door. Colorful soles won’t show dirt, and neoprene bodies resist water and clean up nicely.

Engaging: We don’t just stop at selling a pair of shoes or piece of apparel. Every detail of Kazoom is designed to provide exposure to STEM. Even our shoe box folds out into a STEM based game board to get your little one started as you explore STEM concepts. It empowers parents to highlight these topics in age-appropriate ways without over explaining or oversimplifying.

Additionally, our website provides an endless number of ways for parents and kids to explore science. From easy science experiments to do at home, to Wonder-out-loud that explains how various things work; and don’t forget our favorite nerdy science jokes that will have your little ones rolling with laughter.

The Team Culture

At Kazoom, we brought together an incredible team of women who are experts in the apparel design; most of whom are moms themselves or work closely with young children. Our team spent two years rigorously designing every detail of our shoes, socks, packaging, and website. In the fall of 2022, we launched our first product line of kids’ shoes and socks. Currently, Elizabeth and her husband Ken (Dr. Ken) run Kazoom from the beautiful island of Maui; but have various many support staff that do a lot of the heavy lifting from around the United States; so it is the quintessential remote-working company giving our staff the ability to be a parent as well as support our goals at Kazoom.

A founder quote

At Kazoom, we have made it our mission to spark scientific curiosity and a lifelong love of science and engineering for all children.

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