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Sousa New York - Propelling Skin and Eczema Friendly Apparel Options

What is Sousa New York?

Sousa New York makes it easy for individuals to consistently find clothing options that are skin and eczema friendly. Their selection of fabrics and designs are inspired by their customers, social responsibility and the environment.

The Current Landscape

According to there are about 31.6 million people in the US who have some form of eczema and need skin friendly apparel options. Cotton and linen-made attire options are lacking in design variety or availability consistency. Generally, cotton and linen options are sold sporadically by brands, which makes it hard for consumers to go back to a brand and consistently find cotton or linen options; past finds are a one-time occurrence. Other brands that sell cotton or linen apparel consistently, lack a variety of design options, which makes it hard for consumers to complete a wardrobe. Sousa New York is focused on providing consistent access to a variety of natural fabric options, along with fabric colors and patterns that are eczema-friendly and can be enjoyed by anyone.

Company Birth Story

Like many other start-ups, Sousa New York is an apparel company that started off with a vision. A vision to provide individuals with consistent access to a variety of apparel design options that are made of natural fabrics, like cotton and linen. The founder, Cristina Sousa, has suffered with eczema since birth and the lack of clothing options in the market, married with her condition, inspired her to start a clothing line that caters to the eczema population and anyone that appreciates natural, breathable fabric clothing options.

The Solution

Currently, Sousa New York is in its infancy and is looking to launch its very first line by the end of 2022 or early 2023 to the US market. Their initial launch will be a women's line, with aspirations of launching a men's line in the near future.

Customer Story

Most recently, in April 2022 Sousa New York announced their winning business card design, obtained through votes from social media and through their website. Check out the winning design on their website here.

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