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Smartgirl Search Empowers Young Women To Achieve Greatness

What Smartgirl Does

SmartGirl Search is a website dedicated to uplifting and celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of trailblazing women worldwide. Through inspiring stories, young women are provided with role models and mentors as they work towards achieving their aspirations.

Smartgirl Current Landscape

Women’s empowerment is a powerful and positive movement around the globe. From young girls to seasoned professionals, women are breaking through barriers and ceilings in every field. Women are stepping up and taking charge, breaking down societal norms and stereotypes, and paving the way for generations of young girls to come.

One can only imagine where continued empowerment and progress will lead us. But one thing is for sure – SmartGirl Search will be there to tell the stories along the way!

What competitors exist?

Many non-profit organizations are aiming to empower young women. However, SmartGirl Search is different. As a for-profit media company, SmartGirl Search focuses on delivering strong, powerful content and revenue funded solutions to young women.

Company Birth Story

Hannah founded Smart Girl Search in 2020 when she was just 12 years old with her father’s help. When the pandemic hit, she wanted to do something to help other girls like herself who were separated from friends and family and looking for inspiration. She made the website where girls can connect with other like-minded girls who want to make a difference in the world.

The Solution

The goal is to become a centralized source of information, offering inspiring stories and access to resources that help women discover their full potential. SmartGirl Search aims to provide diverse content that resonates with their readers. This goes beyond highlighting leaders and role models and focuses on programs, schools, websites, services, and scholarships.

SmartGirl Search is also currently forming a team of young influencers who share a passion for meaningful causes. These individuals will have the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments, promote their causes, and connect with others who share their values through the @smartgirl system. By harnessing the power of social media, SmartGirl Search can create a movement for change and inspire others to join on their journey.

A Customer Story

Meet Hannah, the founder of SmartGirl Search. During one of the most challenging times in her life, SmartGirl Search became her beacon of light. The incredible stories of accomplished and strong women gave her the direction and focus she needed to navigate her own life. Hannah found an outlet that changed her life through reading and writing about these role models. Her experience with SmartGirl Search is a testament to the empowering tool that it is.

The Team Culture

Behind the scenes, Hannah leads the content efforts, ensuring that all of the articles on the site are top-notch. Sarah works to ensure that every piece of content is optimized for SEO, reaching as many readers as possible. Neil is the backbone of the site, ensuring everything runs smoothly on a technical level. And they couldn’t do it without a team of incredible freelance writers, whose dedication and creativity help them create even more amazing content!

A Founder Quote

It’s not a glass ceiling, it’s a windshield on my rocket ship. Give me fuel and watch me soar.

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