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Simple and secure cryptocurrency network at Pelicoin

What is Pelicoin?

Pelicoin is a network of over 30 Bitcoin ATMs stretching through the Gulf South. By planting the Pelicoin ATMs in accessible places, Pelicoin seeks to broaden the use of cryptocurrency into an everyday currency.

Current industry landscape

Bitcoin ATMs are currently becoming more popular. People are looking for safe ways to exchange their cryptocurrency, similar to traditional ATMs, where one can directly access his account/wallet.

Some of their competitors include LibertyX, National Bitcoin ATM, Bitcoin Depot, and CoinCloud are all some of the large businesses in the industry.

How the company started

Will Haynie formally started Pelicoin in the summer of 2016 with his brother. They went to Genesis Coin and bought three Bitcoin ATMs after testing a small machine in a local cafe in Louisiana.

Pelicoin's vision

Pelicoin is seeking to expand the accessibility and convenience of cryptocurrency. The problem with most major Bitcoin ATM networks is that they don’t operate like traditional ATMs. Often they are connected to larger crypto-lending platforms that don’t give a person direct access and control over his cryptocurrency. Traditional ATMs are indiscriminate, and Pelicoin seeks to ensure the same decentralization that is unique to cryptocurrency. No apps, no interfaces, just an individual and his wallet!


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