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Showcase your creativity on TLNTHUB

What is TLNTHUB?

TLNTHUB is an online job board and professional network for creatives and brands. It offers artists, designers, photographers, directors, and anyone else who creates a new way to easily showcase their work in a clean online format. They can browse freelance, remote and contract jobs that are posted by company profiles.

The current landscape

Online communities are growing in popularity, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Slowly society is moving away from broad social networks, and seeking smaller, niche targeted communities to connect. The big social media platforms also keep hold of your data and analytics. More people are getting concerned about their privacy and tend to use smaller communities where they have full data ownership and insight.

In general, visual platforms are becoming very popular. Most recent changes in the social media landscape corroborate what scientific studies have been saying about how platforms are becoming more visual. Visual content is 80% more likely to be consumed than content without visuals. Especially for creative people, this is a huge trend. They can finally be visible and show their full potential.

The birth of TLNTHUB

While looking for creative jobs back in 2019, co founder Emily Huberts found most professional networking sites – e.g., LinkedIn and Indeed – very corporate focused. These websites don’t properly fulfill the needs of the creative community and don’t allow brands to easily discover creative talent or see their work. Portfolio websites of creatives are often not up to date, due to the effort it takes to design such websites. Then there is the problem of companies that simply don’t know where to look when searching for creatives or freelancers. They often post in Facebook groups (which is NOT a professional platform) or use Google to only find the most SEO proof profiles.

During this period, recruiters started to reach out to me on LinkedIn and offered jobs that weren’t relevant to her. She started some freelance work on the side, so was able to make a living. Her first clients found her through Instagram or a shared connection. However, Instagram’s search tool is very limited and only shows profiles that you are already related to in a way. So where do companies have to look when they want to hire a specific creative for a job?

Emily decided to take a leap of faith and dive into the world of tech. After months of research (calls with industry recruiters, agencies and creatives in order to understand the problem) she started designing the first MVP by herself. When she finished the designs, she approached a development company to further develop the product into a scalable platform.

Almost 6 months later, Emily found herself staring at her own mockups without any of them properly functioning. She realized she was working with the wrong company and wouldn’t end up launching for another 10 months, nearly a year later than she had originally hoped. Some of that was due to her own inexperience, but most was related to the development company who wasn’t fully transparent with her and as a non-tech person, it was easy to be fooled.

However, Emily ended up meeting her Co-Founder who then helped her with putting the application live on the server and basically saved her from failure. Their teamwork turned out successful and she knew she had to find a technical person at some point, so they decided to start working together.

How TLNTHUB works

They launched their platform in June 2021 and are now serving 1000+ creative professionals and companies. The website works both ways. When you sign up to TLNTHUB you can choose between a company or a talent profile. As a talent (creative) you can upload your creative projects, add work experiences, education, and skills. Once your profile is ready, you can start connecting with others, engage with their content and browse creative jobs across the board. If you’re a company you can post freelance, remote and contract jobs that will be visible on your company profile and the jobs page. You can also easily recruit talents by profession and location through the advanced search tool.

TLNTHUB is still in its early stage but already becoming successful. While maintaining close contact with our users and asking them for feedback, they know exactly what the needs are and how they can improve. Companies are happy with the fact that their job posts are now visual and therefore more attractive for creatives. It’s also easier for companies to stand out, compared to websites like and

TLNTHUB's aim is to connect, create and stimulate a community that supports a more inspiring future for creatives from all backgrounds. They want to offer clients a place where they can grow and flourish. The goal is to connect the most talented creatives with top brands so they can use their full potential and build the career of their dreams.

About the team

Since TLNTHUB operates in the creative industries, Emily finds it important to work in an open and transparent environment with both seriousness and banter. As a team, they are very ambitious and don’t have a 9-5 mentality, but also support self care and good rest. Currently the team consists of Emily, her co-founder, a marketing intern, and some freelancers.

In startup land many people brag about putting in extraordinary long hours at work as if it is a badge of honor. Some people think of rest as a negative thing defined by the absence of work or as something they didn’t deserve. Emily believes rest is underrated and people need to take better care of themselves to prevent burnout and stress. That’s definitely something she would like to see as a value for the company in the future.

“A well-rested brain is much more productive.” – Emily Huberts

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