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Scientiam - Digital Advice for a New Generation

What is Scientiam?

Scientiam helps advisers make an impact on the lives of millions. Scientiam provides investors access to financial literacy and educational content and low-cost diversified superannuation and investment portfolios. Scientiam allows an investor to have a connection with an adviser for when they require personal advice.

The Current Landscape 

The financial advice industry is crying out for solutions to help Australians access honest content that can help them become wiser with their finances and access an adviser when they need one. It’s time to put the client first, and product last.

Due to much needed reforms, adviser numbers have halved and yet more and more Australians require access to quality independent information and advice.

The current number of advisers simply can’t service that many people.

Technology enables people to access services as and when they require, but more importantly, in an educated way.

Most people need some education and guidance when it comes to money management and Scientiam was built to connect the gap.

Company Birth Story 

Nigel Baker started the company to solve a problem he had in his private advice business, Arch Capital. Nigel has been advising clients for 20 years and wanted to help friends, children of clients and referred clients that do not require comprehensive advice. The cost to provide a statement of advice and ongoing service is quite high, and it is simply not economic to provide comprehensive

advice to these clients. Nigel and the Arch Capital team looked around and could not find a solution, so they built it!

The Solution

The Scientiam team are building a unique solution that enables advisers to simply refer the customer to Scientiam and still stay connected with that customer. This is a unique point. They want to help build this relationship, not compete with it.

The customer can access content, low-cost diversified portfolios and importantly “bounce” up to the adviser when they need personal advice.

Scientiam wants the customers to be on a journey of education so when customers do need advice, they are well informed and ready for advice.

The education that is investment related is based on long standing academic principles, data, and research (i.e. it’s not about day trading and speculating, it is a very scientific and structured approach to investing that simply puts clients first, not the industry first). The investment managers have never (yes never) paid incentives or commissions to advisers. This is very unique!

These ideas have actually been around for decades, just not that well known by regular investors. Scientiam wants to share this knowledge with millions. Scientiam didn’t invent these ideas they are just sharing them because they do make a huge impact.

A Customer Story

Adviser in Sydney, NSW

“We can now help grandkids of clients, give them a great experience, and ensure we have a way to build this intergenerational relationship. It helps us not only connect but stay relevant with the next generation”

Adviser in Newcastle, NSW

“Scientiam will save my business at least $50,000 a year, probably more plus give me time to serve more high-end clients.”

Client Story

“It’s great to see my son now investing and learning how to invest properly, I was worried he would trade and lose money like I once did.”

The Team Culture 

Here are some of the values at Scientiam:

  • Value of people and team, with respect for all and a passion for improvement.

  • Try to improve the customer experience every day and in every way.

  • Work and life intermingle, so make life fun and enjoyable all day.

  • Mental health and physical fitness in the workplace are a priority for the team and customers, take breaks, there is always tomorrow.

  • Be the best and keep having a go.

A Founder Quote 

Scientiam simply believes that by giving advisers the ability to help thousands rather than a lucky few, we will have a huge impact on the financial lives of Australians.

Founder – Nigel Baker.

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