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Saving planet Earth Earthlings one home one shelter at a time

What safedomes does

ONLY company in America offering tornado proof quonset hut homes NO homeowners insurance! ONLY company in America offering portable tornado proof backyard garden storage sheds that WILL save your life!

The Current Landscape

-What home builders and home insurance industry does not want the public to know about tornado proof green energized quonset hut homes! NO home building method can tornado proof the footprint of the home in a week!

Company Birth Story

David Pressler, owner president of DRD Enterprises inc of Davie, with Miami Dade County Fire Rescue during Hurricane Andrew. From this event Mr Pressler saw the need for more safe rooms and stronger home construction. In 1994 DRD Enterprises inc of Davie designed and built safedomes, 8 ton concrete domes capable of withstanding 300 mph continuous wind or more! Safedomes are the only safe rooms certified both by Miami Dade County Florida and the Department of Defense as a bunker / storm shelter.

The Solution

to high home owners insurance build homes that will not blow away! NEVER in history has a metal quonset hut been damaged by a wind event NEVER! Encapsulating the exterior with FOAM insulation waterproofing reduces energy use by 70%! Homes can now produce more energy than being used! What the home insurance and utility industry does not want the public to know about!

A Customer Story

First of many safedomes built went to the Burton family Gun Club Road West Palm Beach Florida. Within six weeks of delivery the eye of Hurricane Wilma went down the Burton’s street. The Burtons hunkered down in their dome for 7 hours while 145 mph continuous winds blew outside. Rory Burton told the local television station post hurricane that he and his Mother would never had known there was a hurricane outside if not for the sound of metal flying. There are now 5 safedomes in this mobile home park.

Team Culture

At age 76 president owner of DRD Enterprises inc of Davie Dave Pressler, is now seeking to make others wealthy and into a legacy saving planet Earth Earthlings one home one shelter at a time to carry on his mission to save planet Earth.

A founder quote

"ONLY by change can the future be reached! Saving planet Earth one home at a time is hard, I need help!"

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