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What does leads in AI-driven unit testing, supporting Java, Scala, Kotlin, and Apex, with plans to expand. It boosts collaboration by offering real-time testability feedback, optimizing both development speed and software quality. Sapient utilizes a proprietary LLM to automate the generation of unit tests, streamlining the software development process.

The Current Landscape

AI programming is rapidly advancing, demanding solutions that balance swift development cycles with uncompromised software integrity. Traditional testing methods fall short in this dynamic environment, leading to increased tech debt and quality issues, positioning as a leading solution with its advanced approach to AI-powered unit testing. Other generative AI vendors, like GitHub Copilot and CodeWhisperer, offer partial solutions, but none provide the comprehensive, scalable approach to unit testing that delivers.

Company Birth Story was founded by Rishi Singh, who was inspired by his experiences at Apple and Recognizing the dilemma of choosing between development velocity and quality assurance, Rishi envisioned a platform that could provide a solution through AI programming, creating for seamless, efficient AI unit test generation.

The Solution sets a new industry standard by achieving 70-90% unit test generation without manual intervention, leading the field of generative AI for unit testing by a significant margin. This efficiency is unparalleled, with the nearest competitor only achieving around 40% automation and 60% of those tests requiring manual tweaks. This capability of not only streamlines the testing process but also significantly enhances the reliability and speed of software development cycles.

A Customer Story

While names are not disclosed publicly, a Fortune 10 company has integrated into its development process, addressing the challenge of economically scaling to near 100% test coverage. Previously capped at 70%, has been pivotal for thousands of their engineers, elevating release velocity and virtually eliminating regression issues during production releases. With, the need for manually writing unit tests has become a thing of the past.

The Team Culture's globally distributed team brings together top talent from America, India, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, embracing forward- thinking, conscientious thought and celebrating diversity. This team is united by a shared commitment to innovation in AI code generation and a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, fostering a culture of diversity and excellence in the fast-paced world of AI programming.

A founder quote

"Our AI-driven testing platform is the testament to our commitment to empowering developers to achieve the highest software quality standards with unprecedented speed," Rishi Singh, Founder of

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