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RocketPlan is disrupting the property restoration management industry

What RocketPlan does

RocketPlan is an innovative SaaS platform for property restoration insurance claims professionals, built so they can run their business from a mobile device. From capturing project documentation in the field, to streamlining reporting, billing, and estimating processes. All necessary data can be uploaded onto RocketPlan, eliminating the need for multiple platforms.

RocketPlan's Current Landscape

Currently in the property restoration management industry, companies are searching for a way to simplify data capture, especially while on site. There are legacy competitors who are established in the industry, but RocketPlan has built a system that solves the pain points of the user experience. CEO Joe Tolzmann comes from a property restoration business background, and knows firsthand the difficulties field teams face when capturing, noting, filing, photographing, and reporting all necessary documentation on-the-go.

RocketPlan's Birth Story

The idea for Tolzmann’s company came to him after he experienced the challenges caused by miscommunication and lack of digitization during years of working in the property restoration industry. He was working with data capture tools that were user-unfriendly, took too long to onboard, and in the end failed to solve the problems anyway. Tolzmann knew there had to be a better way, and when he couldn't find one, he built RocketPlan.

RocketPlan Solution

RocketPlan is about to launch time-tracking and accounting integration features to further streamline the property restoration management process.

What differentiates RocketPlan from competitors is that the product is intuitive -- anyone with a smartphone who can take a selfie can learn to use it within minutes.

The company’s greatest success so far has been attracting the attention of – and signing – the biggest names in property restoration. They are taking note of RocketPlan’s streamlined data capture and automated reporting features.

Tolzmann and the RocketPlan team are striving to become the household name in property restoration management software. It is the youngest company in the industry, but it has already established itself within the niche market.

A Customer Story

“Customers we’ve spoken with have tried other solutions, and in some cases have even tried to piece together varying tools to manage the problem of getting timely, accurate data into their office systems. Time and again, these tools and approaches fail, or cause rework, ‘like fitting a square peg into a round hole’ as one current user shared. RocketPlan delivers the download-and-go experience that field technicians are looking for.”

A founder quote

"If entrepreneurs would like advice from me, here’s what I would say: make sure entrepreneurship is exactly what you want, and nothing else will do. Because if there’s something else, anything else, you’d rather do, then entrepreneurship is not for you. It’s kind of like wanting to be a chef, but you don’t like the smell of food. It’s not going to happen.”

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