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Ringorang - Measurable Organizational Performance at Scale

What is Ringorang ?

Knowledge as a Service, Inc. (“KaaS”) created Ringorang, a software-as-a-

service solution for corporate learning and employee training, to support

enterprises making the shift from outdated workplace training models to a

clinically proven habit formation method. Ringorang allows companies to focus on forming goal-driving habits that lead to real business results.

The Current Landscape

Traditional workplace training delivers a fire hose of information to employees in a single setting, such as via an in-person or virtual classroom-type session or

through PowerPoint presentations featuring little or no interactivity. People,

however, tend to forget up to 70% of what they learn after just one day because

the brain is not designed to absorb information all at once. Not to mention the lost investment in wages, travel and productivity. 

A maximum 30% return on investment wouldn’t fly in any other industry, so why here? 

Ringorang empowers enterprises to improve organizational performance through a software solution that uses gamification and microlearning to deliver the most critical content in the way the brain learns within the flow of the workday – reducing loss of productivity and recapturing wages spent in training.

Company Birth Story

Co-Founder Robert Feeney’s vision birthed Ringorang after experiencing

firsthand the impact negative behaviors had on his brothers who tragically lost

their battle with depression by taking their own lives. Feeney realized the only

way to create positive change was to impact human behavior.

While Ringorang is often used to affect employee and organizational

performance in business settings, such as through sales enablement with a

Fortune 50 customer, it is also engaged in assisting patients with Opioid Use

Disorder (OUD) through Community Medical Services (CMS) and has been used

to engage communities for the American Lung Association’s education and

fundraising efforts surrounding Champions Unite.

The Solution

Ringorang bridges a gap left by three types of solutions to provide a measurable

Return on Learning (RoL). 

  • Other microlearning solutions provide content in a spaced learning format but cannot promise organizational performance. 

  • Performance coaches can promise organizational performance but cannot scale their practice across an entire enterprise. 

  • Productivity solutions can deliver on organizational performance but are not connected to training. 

Ringorang is the mechanism through which companies can provide both the

content and the necessary regular reinforcement to develop habits in the

workforce for true organizational performance. It went through clinical trials with the U.S. government – proven to change consumer behavior surrounding energy consumption. It is multi-patented and has been pressure-tested on a global scale. 

The company’s vision for the Future of Work is to ensure training is done for

employee and enterprise performance – not just a compliance exercise.

A Founder Quote

“Learning is now no longer a single event. It’s an engaging journey. Employees do not have to take time away from work to learn and form new habits related to

business goals, and leadership can make data-driven decisions that steer the entire workforce in the same direction.” – Robert Feeney, Co-Founder and CEO

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