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Copernic Space Unleashes Ownership in the New Space Economy for All!

What Copernic Space does

Cosmic Empowerment Unleashed: Copernic Space is the pioneering platform revolutionizing space commerce by tokenizing tangible cosmic assets. Embrace boundless opportunities in the booming space economy through our marketplace, with democratized access and seamless trade, Copernic Space is shaping a new era of wealth and innovations.

The Current Landscape

The current competitive landscape for Copernic Space is unique, as it operates in a niche market with no direct competitors offering a comprehensive platform for tokenizing and trading space assets. While there are players emerging to create marketplaces for specific segments of space assets, Copernic Space stands out as a pioneering leader in democratizing access to a wide range of space assets. In the long term, companies like Amazon could potentially become significant competitors. With their expertise in marketplaces, ongoing development of their NFT-based marketplace, and involvement in the space industry through AWS, Amazon has the potential to create a formidable presence in the space asset marketplace. They could emerge as both a competitor and a potential acquirer of Copernic Space, given their capabilities across various divisions. However, it is important to highlight that Copernic Space has a first mover advantage, is building a market wide and comprehensive platform, already has strategic partnerships, and focuses on providing a seamless and accessible experience for users, positioning it as a frontrunner in the space asset marketplace. By fostering innovation, leveraging blockchain technology, and maintaining a strong foothold in the industry, Copernic Space continues to establish itself as the go-to platform for tokenizing and trading space assets.

Company Birth Story

The seed for Copernic Space was planted 3 generations ago by the grandfather of the CEO/Co-Founder and father of the other Co- Founder who built a space program in Europe, had his works published by NASA, and had original works around the idea of democratizing access to space.

About a decade ago, the mother and son duo of Grant and Eva Blaisdell began investing in the space economy together, including creating the Lady Rocket Foundation, which has space education programs implemented in schools around the world from California to Ukraine. Eva Blaisdell aka Lady Rocket has worked with the space economy for decades as an executive in the tech industry while Co- Founder/CEO Grant Blaisdell has a track record creating successful ventures utilitizng blockchain technology such as Coinfirm. About 6 years ago they together realized that the largest need in the new space economy is to create a system and marketplace that links space ventures and entrepreneurs with commercial clients and investors. They began personally investing into discovery and R&D until 2020 when the two saw the timing for their opportunity was right. At that time Grant left the previous venture he founded, Coinfirm, a leading analytics platform for crypto to formally launch Copernic Space with Lady Rocket.

The combination of family legacy, values, and competency mixed with timing birthed Copernic Space to create the economic infrastructure for the new space economy and a democratized one at that.

The Solution

The Copernic Space platform is a revolutionary solution that unlocks the potential of the new space economy. It is a comprehensive marketplace and platform that enables the tokenization, trading, and management of real-world space assets, bringing together individuals, companies, and investors in a seamless and accessible ecosystem. At its core, the Copernic Space platform leverages blockchain technology to tokenize space assets, such as payload on rockets/lunar landers, satellite imagery, and more. By tokenizing these assets, they become easily tradable and offer new opportunities for ownership, investment, and commercialization both within the space industry and the wider commercial market.

The Copernic Space platform caters to a wide range of participants, including space companies, investors, and individuals, offering them a centralized hub for discovering, acquiring, and managing space assets. Whether it's a space company looking to tokenize and commercialize its assets or an individual interested in owning a piece of the space industry, the platform provides a user-friendly interface and acquisition process.

Moreover, the Copernic Space platform goes beyond just tokenization and trading. It also offers valuable tools and features to enhance the user experience, including utilizing particular assets through the platform, such as accessing related APIs and data sets directly through the assets on the platform. Through strategic partnerships with over a dozen space companies, Copernic Space establishes itself as a trusted and reliable platform, connecting participants to a network of industry leaders and experts. These partnerships enable Copernic Space to expand its offerings, provide access to exclusive space assets, and foster collaboration within the space ecosystem. Overall, the Copernic Space platform is a game- changer in the space industry, revolutionizing the way space assets are managed, traded, and leveraged. It empowers individuals and organizations to participate in the space economy, drive innovation, and shape the future of space exploration and commercialization.

Democratizing access to space assets is at the core of the Copernic Space mission. Copernic Space is determined to break down the barriers that have historically restricted participation in the space economy. By tokenizing space assets and leveraging blockchain technology, opening the doors for individuals, organizations, and countries, empowering them to have both economic as well as tangible benefits from space assets.

A Customer Story

Copernic Space is empowering earth through space. The platform revolutionizes the space economy by tokenizing real-world space assets, creating a marketplace that transcends barriers, and democratizing access to space for all. As an example, through the innovative Satellite Rhino initiative with Savinig the Survivors, Copernic Space leverages blockchain technology to protect African wildlife from poaching and climate change. By democratizing access to satellite data, Copernic Space empowers conservation efforts, transforming lives on Earth while reaching for the stars. With Copernic Space's tokenization approach, businesses and individuals alike can access space assets previously reserved for the few. The NFT-based platform paves the way for affordable space exploration, data-driven decision-making, and sustainable development, impacting life on Earth in unparalleled ways. The democratization of space assets promises a brighter future for humanity. Access to satellite imagery, real-time data, and space-based solutions enables informed decisions, enhancing agriculture, urban planning, disaster response, and environmental protection. Copernic Space aims to improve lives on Earth by expanding the reach of space technology.

Grant Blaisdell, CEO of Copernic Space, envisions a future where by democratizing access to space assets, pavinig the way for groundbreaking advancements, economic growth, and global collaboration, benefiting humanity and the planet we call home. The journey to democratize space assets is not one taken alone; it's a collective endeavor with lasting impact. Copernic Space believes that by enabling wider access to space technology, we can create solutions that address global challenges, fostering a united and prosperous future for all.

The Team Culture

The Copernic Space team are innovators with a mission to harness the power of space assets for the betterment of life on Earth. The company’s work goes beyond exploration; it's about empowering access to space assets to address real-world challenges like climate change. The team is committed to democratizing space, inspiring the next generation, and making a tangible impact on people's lives through space-based solutions. Team members outside of the two founders include people who have worked for the founders at their previous startups as well as heavyweights such as the former director of space commerce as the US Dept of Commerce. Heavily affecting company and team culture is the fact that both Founders have a strong history or brand in the entertainment and new media industries, this enables the company to engage musicians, artists, and creatives to participate in the space economy and company initiatives.

A founder quote

"At Copernic Space, we believe that space should be accessible to all. By tokenizing space assets and creating a seamless marketplace, we are empowering individuals and companies to participate in the space economy like never before. Together, we can unlock the boundless opportunities of the space economy." - Grant Blaisdell, CEO and Co-founder of Copernic Space.

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