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Revolutionizing Rent Payments: How This Crypto Wallet Can Help You Save Big

What RuufPay does

RuufPay makes it easier for renters to afford their monthly payments.

The Current Landscape

Real estate and cryptocurrencies are still in their early phases of convergence. Although determining how they cross is difficult, experience has shown that landlords are open to taking payments via blockchain, even if it ultimately converted to cash. Numerous creative blockchain real estate ventures, such as selling homes for cryptocurrencies and holding titles via NFTs, are emerging. RuufPay, on the other hand, stands out as an innovative platform as it’s the only web3 product focused on real world payments.

RuufPay’s Birth Story

With over 25 years working in real estate investments, Isaac Ivgi has seen the good, bad and ugly of the industry. After seeing thousands of people lose their homes to foreclosure and families getting evicted from their units, Isaac sought a solution to make a difference. After working with Eytan Grossman who had a more robust background in the crypto world, the two put their talents together and founded RuufPay.

The Solution

The first self-custody wallet that lets people earn rewards and apply them towards rent payments.

A founder quote

“You never know what is truly possible until you explore the wonders of the unknown” - Isaac Ivgi

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