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Revolutionizing Ghana: NTC Tech Consultancy's Unprecedented Tech and Business Empowerment

What NTC Tech Consultancy does

NTC Tech helps organizations to optimize data security, collaboration, productivity, business process, and business decision making.

NTC Tech, a Microsoft Partner, offers IT business consulting and strategy, migration, solution development, intranet development, training, custom and customized apps, team collaborative solutions, business process automation, bots, AI, data visualization, and forms modernization.

The Current Landscape

As a Microsoft Partner, NTC Tech faces competition from other companies that offer similar services and solutions based on Microsoft technologies. Some of the main competitors are:

- Accenture: A global professional services company that provides consulting, digital, technology, and operations services. Accenture has a strong partnership with Microsoft and leverages its cloud, AI, and security capabilities to deliver innovative solutions for clients across various industries.

- Avanade: A joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft, Avanade is a leading provider of digital transformation, cloud, and modern workplace solutions based on Microsoft platforms. Avanade has deep expertise in Microsoft technologies and helps clients optimize their IT investments and accelerate their business outcomes.

- DXC Technology: A multinational IT services and solutions company that combines global scale, industry knowledge, and technology expertise to help clients transform their businesses. DXC Technology offers a range of services and solutions based on Microsoft technologies, such as cloud migration, application development, data and analytics, cybersecurity, and enterprise resource planning.

- Infosys: A global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, Infosys helps clients navigate their digital transformation journeys with agile, scalable, and innovative solutions. Infosys has a strategic partnership with Microsoft and leverages its cloud, AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies to create differentiated value for clients across various domains.

These are some of the major competitors that NTC Tech faces in the market, but there are also many other smaller and niche players that offer specific solutions or target specific segments.

Company Birth Story

NTC Tech Consultancy, LLC, based out of WA, was started due to the founder, Nikkia T. Carter’s layoff from Microsoft during the massive tech layoffs last year but it continues driven by the mission its co-CEOs, Harry and Nikkia Carter, have for Ghana and the larger tech landscape.

The Solution

What sets NTC apart is its commitment to offering nearshore services from Ghana and its hands-on approach to working closely with its tech team throughout the year. This ensures excellent delivery while providing mentorship to enhance Ghanaian techies’ professional global business acumen. However, NTC Tech's impact extends beyond its business operations, as they have undertaken a transformative tech mission aimed at uplifting Ghana and contributing to the global tech landscape.

NTC Tech's tech mission in Ghana is multifaceted and driven by a deep sense of purpose. One of the primary objectives is to further train Ghanaians in Microsoft tech, equipping them with the tech skills needed to thrive in the modern workplace. NTC Tech is building tech and business communities in Ghana is through its new tech community, Ananse Tech. This Ghana-based group is for tech professionals and enthusiasts to exchange knowledge, network, and discuss the latest trends and best practices. What makes this initiative truly special is NTC Tech's commitment to connecting these trained individuals with opportunities in Ghana, the United States, and around the world, without leaving their home country, allowing contribution directly to the local economy. This not only empowers local talent and Ghana but also fosters international collaboration and diversity in the tech industry.

On top of empowering individuals and adding value to the tech landscape, Ghana itself will grow through such cutting-edge technology! Medical centers frontline can collaborate more efficiently, saving lives, and farmers using data for smarter insecticide use will yield better crops. Manufacturers can speed up product delivery, bringing innovations to market faster and education tailored software revolutionizes learning management and student administration.


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