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Revolutionizing Business Financing: Niche Capital's Consumer-First Approach

What Niche Capital does

Niche Capital transforms business lending by connecting clients with dedicated experts through its proprietary LENDERMATCH™ technology. This consumer-first platform ensures privacy, no spam calls, and tailored financial solutions for all credit types, stages, and industries.

The Current Landscape

The business lending industry is dominated by platforms that prioritize profit over genuine assistance. Competitors like LendingTree, NerdWallet, and other online platforms pretend to help but recycle and resell data until it's worthless. In rare instances, people find funding on these platforms, but it often comes with aggressive and detrimental terms, as the customer was never the priority. Niche Capital addresses these issues by prioritizing the consumer and ensuring a seamless, respectful lending experience.

Company Birth Story

Niche Capital was founded after Dillon Andrew and Dayten Rynsburger identified a significant issue in the finance sector: the lack of genuine, helpful business lending platforms. Dillon's experience in selling finance companies and Dayten's expertise as a top Mortgage Loan Originator led to the creation of Niche Capital, aiming to prioritize businesses over banks. This commitment to prioritizing the consumer/business forms the core philosophy of Niche Capital.

The Solution

Niche Capital's LENDERMATCH™ technology connects users with a single professional who understands their unique needs, ensuring a hassle-free, transparent process. Unlike competitors, Niche Capital handles many cases in-house and eliminates spam calls and emails. The platform has quickly become one of the fastest-growing lending platforms of 2024, offering secure, optimal financial solutions while fiercely protecting user privacy. If a business is not fit for funding, Niche Capital transparently communicates this—the business always comes first. By rigorously vetting and conducting quality assurance, Niche Capital ensures that companies filling out their forms are treated with the utmost care. The team follows up with clients to confirm they received funding and were not bombarded with unwanted communications. If a lender fails to meet funding quotas or is found to be rude or unprofessional, they are promptly removed from the platform. This rigorous vetting process guarantees that businesses and consumers receive the best possible service, honoring Niche Capital's spam-free reputation.

The Team Culture

Niche Capital's core team includes co-founders Dillon Andrew and Dayten Rynsburger, a sales team dedicated to Niche Capital's principles and genuinely caring for clients, and some of the most elite marketers and developers in the US. The team values privacy, transparency, and consumer-first solutions, fostering a culture of integrity and innovation.

A Founder Quote

Dillon Andrew emphasizes, "Niche Capital was born out of a necessity to prioritize businesses before banks, offering a genuine, spam-free lending experience that truly benefits our clients. By putting the consumer first, everyone wins."

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