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Replacing Trust with Truth in Commercial Real Estate through Tokenization

What Building does

Building improves the due diligence and financing processes for commercial real estate properties with a platform supported by blockchain and artificial intelligence. Building’s data room adds transparency for stakeholders and can interpret the data to provide accurate, real-time valuations. With proper appraisal, investors and lenders can fund the project with confidence.

The Current Landscape

Though data rooms and investment portals already exist, they are siloed and lack the precautionary measures that enable institutional investment activity. Property data needs to be stored and verified; stakeholders need perpetual, trustworthy insight into a property; ownership needs to be liquid and efficiently transferred. This combination of attested data from the property’s lifecycle and tokenized ownership was impossible prior to Building.

Company Birth Story

Building emerged after decades of experience in commercial real estate, in which the founding team identified the pitfalls in how property information is handled, the level of scrutiny by investors and institutions, and the industry’s notorious illiquidity. They saw an opportunity to optimize the industry and potentially democratize it as well, by tokenizing the asset’s ownership.

The Solution

Building has built a pipeline that spans four continents, taking advantage of its cross-jurisdictional operability. Working with real estate developers and asset managers from around the world demonstrates a universal need for better data management, more transparency and liquidity, and greater industry automation. This multi-billion dollar pipeline stands out among other companies, showing that Building’s approach to both commercial real estate and tokenization is highly sought after. Building’s team plans to introduce more adjacent services that would further fix fragmentation in real estate and both reduce costs and add value for property owners.

A Customer Story

In one instance of combining verified, full lifecycle property data with tokenized ownership, Building saw a measurable premium applied to the property and the removal of certain costs and discounts. By streamlining due diligence for its investors and financial institutions, the real estate project was able to obtain finance faster because it was deemed less risky. The project’s bottom line was also increased because some accounting duties and back-office tasks were automated by Building’s AI models and smart contract technology.

The Team Culture

A good company does not succeed on its competency alone — Building’s leadership and advisors were also carefully selected by the content of each person’s character. They prioritize honesty, ambition, and vision, and use these in conjunction with subject matter expertise, wide networks, and a growth mindset to create a company that’s adaptable and courageous.

A founder quote

“Building is creating the infrastructure for the incoming tokenized economy, specifically, tokenized real estate. Before we resolve illiquidity or high entry barriers, we need to understand the root of the issue: a lack of good data, a lack of transparency, and an overabundance of middle-office interjection. Building tackles these core problems, adding truth and efficiency to real estate and other tokenized financial assets.” - Matthew Schneider

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