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Repair Pricer: Exciting Start up drying the tears of home buyers, sellers,and inspectors

What the company does?

Repair Pricer is a national company with a proprietary cost estimate system using artificial intelligence and natural language processing from over 400,000 inspection reports. It provides an accurate home repair estimate in less than 24 hours from any zip code in the US with 96% accuracy for each market.

The Current Landscape

Traditional home inspectors are overbooked and can’t respond to requests quickly. This slows down the home buying process and can result in unexpected costs for the new buyer. With technology, this can be avoided.

Company Birth Story

Repair Pricer is a national software platform for providing accurate home repair estimates to home buyers and sellers. grew organically out of a system that was already being used by an inspector, a Realtor and their contractor. To better assist his clients, the Realtor would take the inspection report that the inspector provided his clients after their home inspection and then give it to the contractor to price out. The Realtor could then use that home repair estimation as a negotiation tool for his clients during the option period to get necessary repairs performed by the seller, or even reduce the sales price.

This became increasingly popular, and soon other agents all over the city were also having the contractor do the same thing. It became so popular in fact that the contractor no longer had time to do all the reports, so he hired a team to build him a pricing tool, using hundreds of past reports and thousands of home repair estimation until he had an extremely accurate database of every single home repair item and the average cost for each one.

The Solution

Home buying, selling and inspections are a major stress factor in a very tight real estate market. According to Zillow, at least half of all American home buyers cry at least once during the purchase process.

Enter technology to solve the problem. This remarkable reimagining of a nontechnical industry was delivered by leveraging data, AI, and global tech talent. Homeowners and would-be buyers need fast access to accurate pricing to make important home repairs to manage budgets or to buy or sell property.

To develop, grow, and maintain the proprietary software, Repair Pricer partnered with Jobsity , the leading nearshore firm providing the top 3% of Latin American tech talent. It was an important decision because American developer talent is in short supply, it is expensive, and there is a high burnout rate for stressed, overworked tech talent.

The joint results are stunning:

  • Together, they created a system that will turn any inspection report into an accurate home repair estimate in less than 24 hours

  • Repair Pricer saved 30-40% by opting for nearshore talent

  • Repair Pricer has improved its pricing estimate accuracy rate from 70% to 96% in under a yea

A Customer Story

Success so far as shared by our customers:

The best recognition is user testimonials, see how this powerful tool has given a young home buyer, a real estate agent, and a home inspector a valuable competitive edge.

Ben Jasek , Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Woodmont Realty in a hot market in TN. “ I have used Repair Pricer to help clients from out of the area moving to mid TN; a very hot real estate market now. With Repair Pricer, I can nail down prices for what fixes will really cost.. It helps with determining buying ‘as is’ so they can understand what to pay with no boots on the ground to view in person. I also use it for investors for single family or multi-family prospects because in today’s market we can really figure out what investors need to shell out in year one with accuracy and trust to remove buying fears and avoid bad purchases.”

Bill Haughery, Owner of Precise Inspecting. “With Repair Pricer, homebuyers can quickly figure out what things will really cost. The laws governing home inspections prevent me from making estimates. With AI technology, an accurate report can be generated in 24 hours with a detailed estimate for prospective buyers so they really understand what they are purchasing. This is a  highly effective tool for making an offer that stands out and for a fully informed buyer.”

Young buyer (prefers to remain anonymous). “The Repair Pricer platform revolutionized our home buying experience. Knowledge is power, we got $7500 back from the seller at the negotiation table because of the Repair Pricer tool that armed us with data in this competitive market.

The Team Culture

Repair Pricer was born out of a need for technology to solve real world problems. The team reimagined how to streamline home inspection reports with global talent, robust data, and a healthy dose of innovation.

A founder quote

It takes a village and technology to tackle complex problems. With the right mindset and partners like Jobsity, traditional industries can be reimagined with digital transformation and make the world a better place for everyone. Christian Adams, CEO and Founder of Repair Pricer.

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