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Remote and Hybrid work enabling SaaS platform, coAmplifi, launched by CurareSoft

What CuraeSoft does

CuraeSoft, a software development firm based in California, has unveiled the release of their latest platform, coAmplifi. The platform, which is slated to launch in April 2023, has been designed to aid organizations in managing their hybrid workforces. It encourages a dynamic workgroup atmosphere, enabling remote employees to collaborate, communicate, and work cohesively, regardless of their respective locations.

CuraeSoft's Current Landscape

With flexible work environments gaining more traction, CuraeSoft's coAmplifi platform aims to transform the way remote workforce management is approached by providing creative solutions to tackle organizational challenges. A study conducted by McKinsey & Company indicates that Americans are increasingly embracing flexible work options and desiring more of it. The survey discovered that 58% of Americans have had the chance to work from home at least once a week, and 35% of respondents have been given the option to work from home for five days a week.

Company Birth Story

CuraeSoft, a software development company based in California, specializes in crafting inventive solutions to address real-world problems. Having been established in 2015, CuraeSoft has been disrupting various industries by delivering top-notch solutions for over seven years. The company was founded with the vision to create superior, more sustainable, and exceptional solutions, fueled by their confidence in their knowledge and execution abilities. CuraeSoft places a strong emphasis on developing solutions that cater to the current challenges faced by organizations. Their latest offering, coAmplifi, is a workforce management platform intended to help organizations manage remote and hybrid teams, mitigate compliance risks, boost productivity, and reduce expenses.

The Solution

coAmplifi is a productivity and workforce management platform that enhances hybrid and remote work environments. The platform offers various features that simplify communication and collaboration for remote workers, including synchronized calendars, chat rooms, project management tools, information sharing capabilities, and real-time progress tracking.

One of the significant challenges faced by organizations in managing remote workforces is complying with wage and hour laws. To help mitigate the risk of disputes, coAmplifi offers a wage and hour compliance feature that assists organizations in managing overtime, breaks, and meal periods.

The platform's time and deliverables tracking component enables managers to monitor the productivity of their remote employees in real-time, facilitating performance management and measurement. It also promotes transparency, which is essential for accountability in remote teams.

CuraeSoft's goal, through coAmplifi, is to enable organizations to establish sustainable remote or hybrid work environments that foster accountability, productivity, alignment, and job satisfaction. Their ultimate objective is to liberate the workforce and unlock its full potential by promoting work-life balance and a genuine professional spirit. CuraeSoft envisions a virtual operating headquarters, where team members, leaders, and managers can collaborate and showcase their work, irrespective of their location. The company strongly believes in cultivating accountable teams through transparency, alignment, and mutual respect.

The Team Culture

The CuraeSoft Culture has always played a significant role in defining the team's identity, connecting their innovative nature, persistent quest for knowledge, and creative spirit. The team values openness, trust, respect, and inspiration, aiming to make a positive impact on people's lives. The amalgamated strength of their core values serves as the focal point for all their endeavors, building and creating solutions that align with their beliefs. CuraeSoft embraces diversity, promoting uniqueness and striving to enhance the lives of all those they engage with.

A founder quote

“We understand the pain points of managing a team in today's fast-paced and ever-changing work environment. That's why we created coAmplifi to help businesses streamline their workflows, stay organized, and increase productivity. We want to empower teams to work efficiently, whether they're in the office or remotely, and help them stay connected through our all-in-one platform. Our goal is to create a culture of trust and accountability, ensure team members are available when they should be, and keep processes in sync even in a hybrid or remote work setup”, says Mark Parinas, Founder of CuraeSoft.

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