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Refundwiz: The First and Fastest AI/ML Tax Solution

What the company does

RefundWiz provides financial solutions to under-served demographic groups. RefundWiz offers two products: DIY tax filing app using AI/ML that is natively built in Spanish and RefundWiz Instant Debit Card for the unbanked Hispanic community.

The Purpose Built Organizational Growth Plan

The desire to help others comes intuitively. It can be in simple gestures like holding a door open and letting someone go ahead in a queue. Then there is the rare once in a lifetime opportunity to affect an entire community. When opening the heart to the universe, the universe will blossom into something beautiful. Like the four stages of a butterfly, so will a purpose built organization grow...from an egg to a butterfly.

The Current Landscape

The most recent innovation that took place in the individual tax preparation landscape was the launching of TurboTax in 1984. As a result of the pandemic, the industry has moved to video conferencing. Companies like TurboTax and H&R Block are focused on high dollar value clients. It wasn't until March 2021 that the IRS even offered a Spanish version of the 1040 instructions and the 1040 form. Competitors like Jackson Hewitt, Liberty et al do not have a DIY product.

Company Birth Story

After witnessing countless hard-working Spanish speaking tax filers being turned away with a "no habla", a vacuum was presented, a need to find a solution. The median Hispanic Household income is $55,000. The high school graduation rate hovers around 70%. Fewer than 18% have access to broadband and PCs. Approximately 95% access the internet via smartphone.

The Solution

The vision of the company is to transform the marginalized into feelings of empowerment. The key to their success is in the palm of their hands. Most immigrants are in complete fear when it comes to filing taxes. Fear of going to jail or being deported for making a mistake completing tax forms. For others, IRS lingo, circular logic and not knowing which forms to use for what purpose results in analysis paralysis.

A founder quote

With every breath, there is a chance to re-imagine and re-create a better version of Self.

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