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Quipli Positioned to be the Next Industry Leader In Equipment Rental Software

What the Company Does

Quipli provides a rental software solution that allows businesses to manage their inventory, availability, scheduling, website, and POS all from one place. As one of the fastest-growing rental software companies in the nation, Quipli has created software that allows a seamless experience for customers of the rental businesses they service.

The Current Landscape

The rental industry is made up of primarily small businesses that offer a surprisingly complex service. Most of these businesses offer hundreds of pieces of equipment, and with customers expecting things to be all online, creating a system that connects branding, inventory, scheduling, and POS with an e-commerce experience is a lot for the average small business owner. Quipli offers the perfect solution through their advanced automated software that can be embedded into existing websites or used to create a website from scratch.

Company Birth Story

Founded in 2020, Quipli’s founder and CEO Kyle Clements conducted hundreds of customer interviews and research on why online renting was so difficult. After a bad renting experience of his own, he decided to design customizable software that creates a positive and easy renting experience for all parties involved. Since then, Quipli has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, powering the online storefronts of dozens of companies.

The Solution

As one of the best e-commerce solutions for rental companies, Quipli equips its customers with the right tools to help find customers, drive sales, and make renting online easier than ever. Quipli features include an SEO-optimized website, virtual shopping cart, efficient POS systems, proof-of-insurance upload capability, access to customer rental portals, equipment reservation management, and digital growth. Compared to its competitors, Quipli dominates in the rental software industry. They offer a different solution that incorporates every element of a rental service to help build your business on a single platform.

A Customer Story

Quipli’s goal is to help grow companies and ensure their customers have the best possible experience. In a customer review, one of Quipli’s customers shared his reasoning for choosing Quipli over its competitors: “My favorite thing about this software is how complex it is, you can go into as much detail as changing every individual SEO setting on every product. This software has so much customization that you can adjust things to how your business works.” Quipli has gone above and beyond working hard to create the easiest solution for business owners and their rental companies.

A Founder Quote

Quipli is in the business of helping grow companies and they make it a priority to grow with you. Kyle Clements touches on the importance of putting our customers first, “Quipli's main goal, when I founded this company, was to take something from nothing and help solve a problem for people. At the end of the day if you want your business to succeed you have to put people first.” This is the foundation of Kyle’s vision and why Quipli has become such a huge success.

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