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Quancilla: Demystifying Quantum Computing for Every Software Developer

What Quancilla does

Quancilla revolutionises quantum application development, offering a simple and straightforward approach for building quantum applications, by providing a unified framework for building quantum applications. This method enables traditional software engineers to leverage their knowledge and experience to adapt the quantum counterparts.

The Current Landscape

Quantum computing is redefining problem-solving capacities.

This paradigm-shifting field harnesses the principles of quantum mechanics to solve problems that classical computers cannot. Quantum computers have promised significant breakthroughs in cryptography, optimization, drug discovery, ML/AI and more.

However, the journey towards full-fledged quantum computing faces multiple challenges. The small scale, noise, and fragility of qubits often lead to computational errors.

Furthermore, the scarcity of qualified quantum application developers is startling; for every four quantum job openings, there is only one suitable candidate. And a significant reason behind this talent gap is the lack of efficient tools for developing quantum circuits, the foundational elements of quantum algorithms.

Quantum algorithms are difficult to write and use; current competitors offer a gate-based model, which relies on a deep understanding of both quantum physics and classical computation.

Company Birth Story

Quancilla was born from the curiosity of the founder, Saar, a computer science student who sought a deeper understanding of quantum computing. Realising the absence of intuitive tools for classical developers to transition into this complex field, the founder saw an opportunity to bridge the gap.

The Solution

A unified framework for developing Quantum-Functions-as-a-Service, by combining hybrid quantum and classical methodologies. It Is rooted in several key design principles that allow it to address the challenges of quantum software development, while remaining adaptable to future advancements in the field.

The Quancilla development paradigm enables the synthesis of optimised quantum circuits during runtime, using a unique synthesiser (under patent) that generates circuits from classical programs.

What sets the synthesiser apart is the ability to optimise the generated circuits for a variety of different factors, including classical optimizer, circuit depth, gate count, and fidelity, all taking place during runtime.

The approach simplifies the development procedure and reduces development time while improving application performance. This classical-quantum integration opens up new opportunities for developing complex quantum applications.

A founder quote

" During a gold rush, sell shovels. Just as the AI hype has ignited a race to unearth technological innovation, the coming wave of quantum computing promises an even richer vein of potential. Quancilla stands ready with the tools to enable pioneers to stake their claim in this new frontier, turning hype into tangible, transformative results." – Saar Barak, Quanciila Founder & CTO.

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