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Ensure Online Safety as a Part of Everyone’s Job

Company Birth Story:

Coming from a law enforcement family with a father who was a Chicago police officer and DEA retiree after over 30 years, it wasn’t enough to prevent the Culpability founder & brother from joining the tens of thousands of innocent people wrongfully convicted and imprisoned in the United States.  ‌The over 11 ½ year period of incarceration was a painful experience that was both overwhelming and motivating. It was motivating because post-conviction a forensic videographer was able to determine the officer that previously testified to cutting off her camera due to muscle memory was not true. He discovered her tape had been edited and altered. Culpability platform was developed as a solution to prevent having to solely accept the word of an officer that is not being truthful and honoring their commitment to justice and to prevent this‌ ‌from‌ ‌happening‌ ‌to‌ ‌other‌ ‌families. ‌

The Solution:

Culpability‌ ‌Inc.,‌ ‌is a socially responsible start-up technology company with one mission: to make sure everyone gets home safe. ‌With the help of the mobile app, data can be captured in real-time, so transparency, accountability, and safety can be improved. Together the Culpability community can do something about the acts of senseless violence plaguing communities. Culpability & SOS feature is its primary feature because it provides the following technology:

  • Captures audio and video of the incident.

  • Sends an immediate notification to predetermined emergency contacts (mother, father, spouse, children, best friend, neighbor, partner, etc.).

  • In one click, users can go LIVE and their emergency contact(s) can see and hear what’s going on in real-time.

  • A GPS link with coordinates is generated and sent to emergency contacts.

  • A detailed incident record of an officer can be created to rate officer interaction and performance.

Culpability users will also be able to look for resources and training through the Culpability app amongst other features.

Current Competitors:

Between mass shootings, gun violence, police brutality and the rise of white supremacy communities are on edge. The current technology solutions out there are Citizen app, the Mobile Justice app and Raheem AI. Citizen app informs users of emergencies. Mobile Justice app allows users to record police encounters and report to the ACLU. The Raheem AI app collects and anonymously publishes key information about the incident. Culpability meets people where they are on their mobile devices. It operates in real-time and captures audio and video to provide a true account of the incident.

Culpability is currently in the Google play store and early adopters are in the testing phase for specific markets. The most recent iOS version of the app will be submitted to the Apple store in August 2022.

Founder Quote:

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to be responsible”

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