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Psydro's Social Revolution for Online Reviews

About Psydro

Psydro is the world’s first social review platform. We power the most immersive and authentic customer feedback for online businesses, helping them improve conversion rates, increase revenue and grow their customer base.

The Current Landscape

Reviews are becoming more powerful by the day. Indeed, potential customers look for user-generated content and social proof to gain a better insight into what it would be like to shop with a company they’re interested in.

Also, consumers and buyers are much savvier now. They don't want to see on-site testimonials that can be easily manipulated. Instead, they want to read genuine reviews from real people. Everyone digests content differently; that’s why Psydro offers the most immersive feedback on the planet with a mixture of video, voice, images and text reviews which give the readers a real feel for what's hot and what's not!

Psydro is Born

Before Psydro, founders Ben and Tony were involved in other e-commerce projects and realised that reviews and trust were becoming a huge factor for growing revenue. They were left underwhelmed with what was on the market and decided to try it out for themselves. They also wanted to make things social, connecting buyers to other buyers to harvest direct peer to peer feedback and create a community feel.

Why Psydro

What differentiates Psydro from other review-based websites is our unique and gamified consumer journey. We have created a space where users can hang out and follow like-minded people. A place where you can ask a person who has already experienced the product or service you are interested in for genuine feedback.

For our customers, we have always ensured that our advanced features are user friendly, effective and to a standard that will allow their customers a fast and simple way to leave reviews. The game-changer for e-commerce merchants will be the launch of our marketplace. This was always the end goal in our development road map to ensure that we have a true identity and are not just another online review platform. Psydro's marketplace will offer discounted prices to our consumers, making us stand out from other online marketplaces and not become a replica of what others have done.

Customer Speaks!

In 2017, Jackson Waste Disposal became a Psydro Verified Business, subscribing to our top Orbit plan. Founded by Dean Jackson, the sustainable and transparent waste collection company lends its services throughout Sussex, with the majority of its work based along the coast.

“Having Psydro as a platform for my company is great! It gives us the chance to show off our work ethic and commitment to providing an amazing service and most importantly, be recognized for it. Psydro’s unique features have been critical to our growth over the past three years.” - Dean Jackson, Jackson Waste Disposal

The company has been using our unique Capture feature to collect real-time feedback on their service. Through their Psydro dashboard, the team can turn their smartphone or tablet into a point of sale review capture device. Indeed, this feature allows Psydro Verified Businesses to share their review link with their customers on SMS, WhatsApp, email, apps on mobile devices, QR codes, chatbots, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and more. Also, if customers are in a rush, the company can always ask to review their service later on as a reminder will be emailed to them.

Becoming a Psydro Verified Business has helped Jackson Waste Disposal grow and become more visible online. Also, their online reviews have helped attract new customers and solidify their reputation, becoming a validated waste collection company in the UK.

The Psydro Team

Psydro is made up of a small experienced team. Each member brings their own unique skill set to the table, allowing this startup to grow, attract new customers and be recognised as a credible and trustworthy business. Our team is dedicated and passionate about Psydro’s ethos and future goals. We also believe in the work we do as we know how powerful the Psydro platform is for consumers and businesses alike. But most importantly, we care.

We care about our customers, giving them all the support needed to grow their own business, all whilst saving them precious time and money. We care about our users, creating a space where they can read and write authentic reviews and feel part of something bigger. Last but not least, we care about our team, our own little family, that works together to build what Psydro is today. We believe that we are much more than just another review platform; we are Psydro! Find out more at

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