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'Protect sensitive data' with Sotero

What is Sotero?

Sotero is the global innovator and leader in next generation zero trust for data security. Sotero’s data security platform enables their customers with a way to protect data anytime, anywhere, regardless of data store, integration mechanisms, and user tools. The platform is able to control, access, operate, and use data to extract information that drives organizations’ business outcomes and innovation.

Sotero provides organizations with a scalable and flexible data security fabric that migrates and moves data securely, in all its instances in an interconnected world. Organizations gain complete control over their data privacy, compliance, audibility and governance for use cases ranging from securing data at the edge, IoT devices and streaming data, and anomaly detection.

Current industry landscape

Security has largely been focused on the perimeter through user authentication and application-level privilege access management. However, to date, very little progress has been made in the space to create a data-centric offering that focuses first on protecting the data to build out a data-centric security framework. Multiple trends in the market that are quickly becoming the norm highlight the market demand for a best of breed security posture that protects data anywhere, all the time:

• An exponential increase in data (total amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed globally is forecast to reach more than 180 zettabytes by 2025, compared to 64.2 zettabytes in 2020)

• Increased regulatory pressure (data protection laws in 113 jurisdictions around the world)

• Financial and legal penalties related to data loss (51% increase in cost on average for data breach from penalties)

• Complex application and technology systems that do not integrate seamlessly, if at all

• Rapid adoption of new technologies to drive business outcomes

• Multi-cloud environments (90% of large enterprises have adopted multi-cloud)

• Emergence and adoption of IoTs and streaming data (140% growth to hit 50 billion by 2022)

• Data at the edge (46 billion devices will rely on edge computing by 2023)

The birth of the company

Sotero was founded with the conviction that today’s data protection was deficient and that a better approach was needed to protect data. The company name Sotero stands for the Goddess of Safety in Greek - Soteria. Our Co-Founders Shanthi Boppana and Purandar Das founded Sotero with a conviction that today’s data protection is insufficient and leaves company, customers, and investors exposed. With their decades of experience leading some of the world’s largest data analytics organizations, they knew first-hand that the lack of confidence in cybersecurity was leading to lost revenue opportunities and unnecessary risk. With a passion to solve this challenge for organizations around the globe, our co-founders created revolutionary data security technology.

How Sotero works

To date, organizations' security teams have not been able to achieve a consistent, reliable level of security across their ecosystem. With Sotero, organizations now have a framework that helps them obtain the industry's best-of-breed security capabilities through a revolutionary data security fabric. They have created a solution that enables organizations the ability to secure their sensitive data anywhere, all the time. The fabric provides a consistent set of security and privacy protection to all the data instances, regardless of where the data is stored. The fabric also enables the integration of applications that consume data to interact securely with the protected data assets and requires no development or modifications. Sotero enables organizations to drive innovation by making their collection, use, and storage of data completely secure.

The Sotero fabric provides confidence for an organization to adopt new technologies and drive innovation. The Sotero fabric addresses data security needs ranging from operational data assets to preventing ransomware. Through our patented technology, we provide a data security fabric that enables organizations to integrate all their data instances, structured and unstructured, into the Sotero security fabric. The fabric allows organizations to immediately inherit all security and privacy mechanisms of their existing security stack in addition to best-of-breed data security. In essence, Sotero democratizes security by providing a simple yet scalable way for organizations to securely achieve their business goals with confidence.

A customer story

One of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies was having difficulties making clinical trial information available securely to downstream systems in order to analyze the effectiveness of new drugs. This data was only as useful as its freshness, therefore it was critical to get data into their system, not only in a timely manner, but in a secure manner. Due to the security requirements of this patient-level data, they were forced to transfer the data manually, which delayed the availability of data by an entire month, hence extending the drug development cycle. The Sotero platform, which now enables them to encrypt the sensitive elements in the production clinical trial platform, and to keep data encrypted as it sent to each downstream system. Role-based access controls allow them to control which users can see which data, and to specific data access at a granular (field) level. This enables them to provide access to the dataset without the risk of exposing sensitive, patient-level information. Sotero worked closely with the IT team to deploy, test and validate the Sotero Platform in a matter of weeks.

The team culture

Sotero’s team culture is very inclusive, their employees are passionate and approach their work with ownership. This translates into a very collaborative environment where they support each other to achieve company and team goals. Despite being under 20 employees, Sotero has employees with rich cultural backgrounds, ranging from India to Germany to Greece. Because they are a startup, no member is afraid to roll up his or her sleeves and to wear multiple hats; instead, each of them strives to rise to the occasion. Sotero is in a fast-paced environment where priorities can shift quickly.

A founder’s quote

Losing my data and having my privacy invaded made it apparent that there wasn’t an easy way to secure data. It was apparent that security needed to be reimagined from the ground up, or from the data. Enabling organizations to rationalize data security across all of their data assets in a simple and scalable way is critical for organizations to protect themselves and their customers.” – Purandar Das, Co-founder and President at Sotero (

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