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Promethean Dental Systems revolutionizing dental education

What is Promethean Dental Systems?

Promethean Dental Systems (PDS) is on a mission to elevate dental education and practice through a patent-pending 5-Stage system. They are using advanced technology, like Digital Dental Equipment and Virtual Haptic Simulators, to provide an entirely new mode of education in an objective way for students where the machine - not people - does the grading.

The current industry landscape

In the world of dental education, students often arrive in the senior clinic not possessing the necessary hand-skills to competently treat the patients assigned to them. Education technology is outdated, unrealistic, and doesn't offer the best learning experience available in today's advanced world.

Promethean Dental Systems is prepared to change that forever.

Through the use of simulation and other advanced forms of technology, PDS is in a position to partner with dental schools and other organizations to enhance the learning experience across the entire dental industry. With PDS, the sky's the limit for the future of dental education!

The birth of the company

Drs. Rick Callan and Jerry Cooper have over 35 years of educational experience and more than 50 years of clinical experience in the dental profession. As professors in a renowned dental school, they represented the final hurdle senior dental students had to overcome prior to becoming licensed dentists.

Over the years it became increasingly disappointing and worrisome when students would arrive in the senior clinic not possessing the necessary hand-skills to competently treat the patients assigned to them. Dr. Callan and Dr. Cooper spent years investigating and researching ways to identify (as early as possible) and improve (as much as possible) the psycho-motor ability of dental students.

After years of searching, they finally came upon the Simodont Dental Trainer, a virtual-haptic simulator specifically created to help develop hand-skills in dental students and to aid in the instruction of the clinical skills necessary to become a dentist.

Following their retirement from the University, Drs. Callan and Cooper founded Promethean Dental Systems to pursue the goals of improving dental education and the quality of care delivered to patients.

A quote from the CEO

“Promethean Dental Systems’ goal is to elevate dental education through the use of advanced technology. We want to educate the entire dental life cycle from Admissions to Retirement. We want to support existing educational institutions and provide a new model of learning, the Simodont. We promote multimodal learning for all of our customers, which helps them learn faster and in more depth. We want to utilize the multimodal learning foundation to migrate dental education to a model that uses dental fidelity and fair standards for machine testing and objective assessment, elevating dental education for students, faculty, administration, board candidates, and licensed professionals.” -CEO of Promethean Dental Systems, Scot Armstrong


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