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Project SatatKi-Where Independent Designers Come to Grow..

What the company does?

Project SatatKi is a first-of-its-kind fashion business that offers fashion business consulting and international targeted marketing services for all slow fashion, independent designers from India. Project SatatKi aims to simplify international wholesale, improve discoverability for independent designers and also democratise export for independent designers to make it a more Designer first market!

The Current Landscape

Project SatatKi gives designers direct knowledge and training on the best and most cost effective path to designing a suitable collection for its international buyers. International boutiques and retailers can directly buy from designers by cutting out the middle-men and letting designers establish their own voices and images within the industry. Project SatatKi is on a mission to make India a more noticeable country for design and not just production through its mission of #DesignedinIndia and #NotJustMadeinIndia.

Company Birth Story

The founder of Project SatatKi, Shruti Jaipuria, spearheaded strategic core business development and strategy at her previous company for 5+years. As part of her previous role, she worked with independent labels from India establishing various business models on their behalf, new retail and wholesale channels and discovering international markets for them. She believes that the most promising and sustainable roadmap to growing a slow fashion brand in the international market is through a long term B2B partnership and that’s how Project SatatKi was born in 2021.

The Solution

By building India’s first wholesale platform for Independent slow fashion brands, Project SatatKi brings together a community of the most business ready and process enhanced independent and contemporary emerging talents from the country in one place. International buying houses currently have to work with multiple parties and companies to find the products they need for their stores,across the lengths and breadths of the country. The platform will ensure they see designs and brands at unified global prices that are marketable and favourable to all consistently, across seasons.

A founder quote

"Finding a balance between what we make and how we live, through fashion" Shruti Jaipuria

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