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Partytrick is leading the “Joyconomy” by making gatherings easy to plan

What Partytrick does

Partytrick is a digital one-stop-shop for throwing a party like the pros. Partytrick embodies the spirit that DIY was built upon yet is backed by a team of event pros. Partytrick is built to disrupt the event industry, helping to make planning and executing highly curated events accessible and convenient.

Partytrick's Current Landscape

The “Joyconomy" is here and it is happening! Everyone is looking to find ways to bring joy into their daily lives and Partytrick knows that one of the best ways to do that is to gather with friends and family and celebrate everything and anything. Partytrick is on a mission to change how people host and gather. Simply put, Partytrick is rewriting the script on hosting.

Company Birth Story

Partytrick’s Founder and CEO, Virginia Frischkorn spent 10 plus years planning, coordinating and designing events for the top 1%. Virginia’s unique ability to know the best way to bring people together and design experiences made her one of the top luxury event planners in the country. Virginia believed everyone should have access to a similar experience and develop an “trick” for the masses and Partytrick was born.

The Solution

There is nothing currently like Partytrick out there! At its core, Partytrick is an interactive one-stop-shop party planning platform. Right now most people planning a gathering or party will spend hours searching online and then find ideas only to be read in either long PDF’s or blog style formatting, Partytrick is here to change all of that.

Partytrick does this in a fun and engaging fashion. From their shoppable design ideas, to their menus, and playlists along with their timed reminders that come to you via SMS. Partytrick provides an experience just like having an event planner up your sleeve.

A founder quote

"To me, gathering is not a luxury, but a necessity. Hosts are shying away from hosting because they feel their event doesn't meet the standards of Pinterest boards or that one party on social media. Hosts don't know where to start. But imagine finding a beautiful tablescape online and being able to click the velvet napkins and find the Amazon link, or click the flowers and learn how to replicate them in your own home. Every detail you see in that photo is easily accessible via shoppable links or insider tips and tricks" - Virginia Frischkorn

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