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Parthean’s AI is Closing the Wealth Gap

What Parthean does

Parthean is at the forefront of AI-driven personal finance, with a core mission of narrowing the wealth gap through advanced technology. By blending AI prowess with financial expertise, Parthean empowers users to make informed decisions, seamlessly manage their finances, and achieve their financial aspirations.

The Current Landscape

In the ever-expanding landscape of fintech and AI, Parthean stands out with its innovative approach. Operating at the crossroads of education, AI, and personal finance management, the company offers an enjoyable and superb money management experience. Their AI proactively aids users in optimizing earning, spending, investing, and debt repayment, setting them apart from competitors focusing solely on only specific financial aspects.

Company Birth Story

In 2021, Arman Hezarkhani founded Parthean with an original focus on financial education, recognizing the pressing need for improved financial literacy. The staggering $2 trillion credit card debt and student loan crisis in the United States combined with inadequate emergency and retirement savings for most Americans, underscored this necessity. Arman personally experienced this challenge, as the essential advice he sought as a young professional was predominantly available to the already affluent. He aimed to dismantle the gatekeeping prevalent in financial services and make expert guidance accessible to all. Parthean’s core purpose lies in empowering its users with the knowledge to navigate their finances effectively, while providing the tools to easily optimize their financial well-being.

The Solution

At the heart of Parthean’s vision is its commitment to developing the most potent and efficient AI technology. The company’s transformative tool allows users to manage their finances responsibly with just a single click. Parthean is aiming to become the most trusted and effective solution in the market. Since the launch of Parthean AI in mid-May, thousands of users have downloaded the app and begun transforming their financial lives. Soon, Parthean will be able to “do” money for its users, which will help millions do the right thing with their money with minimal effort.

A Customer Story

A testament to Parthean’s impact is the story of an early user, a young engineer who started engaging with the app and coaching services in 2022. After a year of guidance and learning from both a human Parthean coach and the AI, she managed to double her net worth, elevating it from a mid-five to a solid six-figure sum. Through this experience, she also boosted her income, aligned her spending with personal values and goals, and established an automated saving and investing system for effortless financial progress.

The Team Culture

Parthean is led by Founder and CEO Arman Hezarkhani, Head of Product Christie Chang, and Head of Curriculum/Founding Financial Coach Catie Hogan. All three members are passionate advocates for financial literacy, harnessing the potential of elegant design and cutting-edge technology to drive education and progress in personal finance.

A founder quote

“Since money was invented, wealthy people have outsourced their finances, but the rest of us have had to do it on our own. For the first time in history, anyone can get financial expertise in their pockets, for free. That's the world we're working toward.” - Arman Hezarkhani, Parthean Founder and CEO.

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