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Organic Cotton Loungewear and Pyjamas with Wire-free Breast Support

What is BJ?

Belinda Jane, known as BJ to her friends, is the founder, designer and owner of BJ’s PJs, luxuriously soft and comfortable loungewear and pyjamas with wire-free breast support. All Australian made with love using premium Australian 4-way stretch organic cotton. Luxury, sustainability, comfort and versatility at their finest.

The Current Landscape

It's certainly tough in the current economic climate, first COVID, drought, fires, now the horrendous war, devastating floods and the escalating price of fuel and cost of living expenses are adding to the consumer confidence hitting record lows. This means you need to stand out in an already flooded marketplace of many larger competitors going online and having the financial benefit over small independent self-funded boutique brands. Belinda quotes “ being unique, transparent, honest and real are essential and is what we are all about - Belinda believe this gives them the upper hand, however, limited funds hold them back with the high cost of marketing & advertising and competing with the big players. The demand for comfort clothing increased dramatically with COVID and so many more people working from home, the big guys were quick to respond and competition grew exponentially”. Sadly the larger conglomerates are very good at “greenwashing” which is why Belinda Jane aims to educate on the harmful effects of fast fashion, with genuine intention.

Company Birth Story

Belinda Jane confesses to being a comfort dresser and had worked in the fashion industry for many years and often wondered why PJs were mostly synthetic, bulky, unflattering, impractical and daggy..... often instilling a lack of confidence, discomfort and sweat! BJ also has skin sensitivities and trying to find cotton was proving incredibly difficult for her - so, BJ decided to design her own range of garments and BJ's PJs were born. Belinda Jane wanted versatile loungewear and pyjamas with wire-free breast support for confidence, and discretion and flattering designs that could be worn just about anywhere….. working from home, in front of the postie, the school run, hospital stays, sleepovers, family vacations etc…. Belinda Jane needed to be able to offer comfort but still be well supported, particularly for larger breasts, which are often painful, or during hormonal times, especially during pregnancy. She wasn’t alone when discussing the "breast vs PJ’s” conversation!

The Solution

Having the best manufacturer in Sydney was a non-negotiable, which of course comes at a price, but the ability to have quality control and ensure ethical and sustainable needs were met was an essential part of the business requirements. BJ's mission is to educate people and build a like-minded community to share information about the heinous crimes of fast fashion, not only on our people but also on our planet and all its inhabitants. The lack of regulations, legal obligations, and little public exposure of the destruction in the fast fashion industry has created, more often than not, a world of deception, falseness, and blatant lies all of which are very damaging to the mental health of our youth. Belinda Jane hopes to improve awareness and grow the momentum of change that is slow, but definitely on the increase.

All about support, not just breasts, but also garment workers, the planet and all of its inhabitants using a strong dedication to ethical and sustainable fashion Belinda Jane is also about inspiring confidence and using mindful, practical designs and manufacturing. The 5 star reviews are a testament that her classic designs, void of buttons, bows, collars, cuffs, zips, bulky waistbands, irritating lace or ‘plastic’ fabrics, have proven Belinda Jane is true to her word. Belinda Jane has included essential practical pocks and support where you need it so there is no need for 5 changes of outfits every day - halleluja! Regardless of your shape and size, you can experience the freedom of movement, built-in bust support to keep the girls firmly in place and seem free gussets - no more wedgies ;) The classic styles and designs are fun to wear and you can dress them up with a scarf, jacket, jewellery and whatever else you like to give it that extra personality for your individual style and to boost your self-confidence.

Belinda Jane explains how she’d love to create more styles and add new colours, however, this is proving difficult due to the supply chain issues, the increasing cost of living, staffing problems (COVID), cash flow, financial outlay, flooding, storage, etc…. you truly have to be resilient, adaptable and flexible in this strange new world that is constantly changing.

The Team Culture

Creating a work life balance is important for Belinda Jane, it makes for a happier healthy team which in turn delivers better outcomes for all. The whole intention of BJ’s PJ’s is about the health and wellbeing for all, not just those wearing the garments, but in every aspect, from the people who make the fabric and clothing, to cleaner waterways, fresher air and more self confidence for better mental health as well. We ensure good working environments and encourage beach or park walks regularly, dogs are welcome in the office, flexible hours for family time and most importantly we have policies in place to ensure a pleasant, fair, transparent and open door culture.

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