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Optimize your child’s development with Fledglings’ Flight

What Fledglings’ Flight does

Fledglings’ Flight is an app and customized subscription box designed by experts for parents of children 0-3 years old that gives them tools to optimize their child’s development. It provides daily play-based exercises, milestone tracking, resource library, and monthly skills- based toys tailored to each child’s unique developmental needs.

The Current Landscape

For the first time in human history, parents have the tools to affect their child's developmental trajectory from the moment that they are born. Since the dawn of the human species, child development has been a mystery to parents and left to the whims of the environment in which the children has been raised. Studies released since the pandemic, however, have demonstrated that if left in unenriched environments without purposeful play, children will show "significant developmental delays". 80% of the brain is developed in the first 3 years of life. Then the brain begins to prune the connections that are no longer being used. Sadly, it is a use it or lose it situation where the brain is concerned. Apps like Kinedu and Baby Sparks allow parents to track their child’s development and provide daily play-based exercises. Toy subscription services like Lovevery and Montikids ship developmental toys quarterly.

Company Birth Story

The concept for Fledglings’ Flight was created by Annamarie von Firley during Covid’s second wave in August 2022 when she realized that it was not going anywhere. She realized that while pandemic-related isolation was going to affect everyone, it was going to have the most profound effect on the youngest children leading to potential developmental delays. Without early intervention, developmentally-delayed children will experience adverse lifelong effects. Stressed-out parents spend hours searching for ways they can help their children get developmentally on-track by looking for activities on social media to help mitigate the problem. But this addition to their mental load can lead to increased anxiety and depression. “Parents were going to need all the help they can get,” she recalls. “I needed to do something about.”

The Solution

The good news is that advancements in science and technology means that parents no longer need to do research on their own. Fledglings' Flight boast 4280 play-based exercises offering 100-200 for each month of life organized into 6 developmental categories: fine & gross motor skills, cognitive & social-emotional development, as well as communication & sensory integration. Their resource library highlights over 1200 articles and research papers on child development. These features are free for all parents and caregivers to use. Basic members pay $2/month to track their child's 812 milestones that they should achieve by their 4th birthday. For $60/month, Premium members receive a monthly "Toolbox" tailored to their child's unique developmental needs because all children develop differently. They use parent- provided data to create a developmental profile that looks for lags or acceleration to pinpoint areas of need or to keep the child moving to the next stage of development. Fledglings' Flight is the only subscription box that is customized to every child' needs. Other subscription services give all children the same box of stuff regardless if it is relevant to their development.

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