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Nsflow Uses Augmented Reality to Revolutionize Manufacturing

What the Company Does

Nsflow is a digital platform for knowledge management, remote collaboration with experts, interactive work instructions, and hands-on training. It takes advantage of Augmented Reality and has been created with the manufacturing industry in mind.

Large enterprises use the system to automate and optimize their business and production processes – onboarding, on-the-job training (with no or minimal trainer involvement), remote technical support, remote audits or acceptance tests, interactive service procedures, etc.

The Current Landscape

Manufacturing goes through a grave crisis. Galloping inflation and energy prices, limited access to resources, the lack of skilled workers, and high turnover make it harder and harder to operate in troubled times and fortify the business. Thus, companies are looking for solutions that will result in cost savings, better resource management, and industrial process improvement.

What competitors exist?

Our biggest competitors are ScopeAR and Vuforia Chalk. Some of the others include Librestream, Oculavis, Vsight, and TeamViewer.

Company Birth Story

Nsflow is a product of NeuroSYS, a Polish software house with over 12 years of experience on the market, 120 people on board, and a separate R&D department.

Nsflow was founded just a year before the Covid pandemic broke out. And truthfully, it couldn’t be better timed, because soon manufacturing companies started looking in panic for a way out of the pandemic restrictions. Our solution appeared to be an answer to a lot of the problems – one of our first projects was enabling Factory Acceptance Tests to be performed remotely since business trips weren’t allowed.

The Solution

A platform for remote collaboration with experts, interactive work instructions, and hands-on training – with augmented reality. Created with the manufacturing industry in mind.

NeuroSYS’s Nsflow platform can be used for:

  • remote collaboration with experts – doctors, laboratory technicians, lab equipment maintenance technicians, etc.

  • telemedicine – using AR glasses with a thermographic camera

  • automated training in new lab equipment use, onboarding courses, drug production tasks, OHS courses

  • lab procedure and process digitization

A Customer Story

Nsflow offers a technological solution to the main problems managers in the manufacturing industry are faced with, namely:

  • High employee training costs → Automated onboarding and training

  • Human errors and their grave consequences → Digital twins, instant, 24/7 access to knowledge and instructions, remote expert support at hand, interactive checklists of tasks

  • Lack of knowledge transfer standards → Unified hands-on training with AR glasses, know-how stays in the organization

  • Employee turnover → New staff training doesn’t have to engage internal human resources and is even more effective than the standard type

The Team

The core team:

Piotr Ziemba, CEO – business objectives and cooperation with the client

Tomasz Golan – R&D Manager, coordination of the project, system objectives and AI solutions

Daniel Śliwowski – Computer Vision Engineer, computer vision elements of the system

Adrian Zdobylak – Machine Learning Engineer, AI features

Mikołaj Patalan – Machine Learning Researcher, AI features

Piotr Pawelec – Unity developer, AR system features development

Michał Marciniak – software developer, custom system development

Ewelina Pakosz – Marketing Manager

A Founder Quote

At the beginning, our clients have been interested foremostly in actions that could finally be performed remotely: expert support, audits, acceptance tests, inspection, and maintenance. Currently more and more clients are into augmented reality training that can take place with minimal instructor involvement. To make it possible, we build systems that can automatically verify if trainees perform the tasks correctly.

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